Saturday, October 2, 2010

Productive Day

I had a table at the fall fest (which is still going on, but I bailed early as did a bunch of other vendors due to chasing papers across the field) and made contact with a few ladies who are wanting to try breastfeeding.  I was next to the VFW and they are going to discuss me having meetings once a month for free.  Normally, renting the "Bingo Hall" is $10/hour.  Since I am a non-profit and I am a volunteer and right now everything comes out of my own pocket, they are going to discuss donating the space.  I am very happy to hear this.

I also made contact with someone whose parents sell raw milk on their farm.  This makes me happy as well.  The price is only a few pennies more than the store bought stuff. 

There is a cold front moving in so the wood stove is fired up.  The roof will (hopefully) finally be finished in the next day or two.  Work did not get done today because of me not being here and him being alone with the children. 

Tomorrow is church and after church we will be getting more stuff done around here.  That includes restarting the wood stove if it has died out.  We are getting ready for the winter habit of keeping the stove going. 

The children are begging my attention since I have been gone all day.

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