Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I got my Arkansas license finally.  With the DOD dependent ID I got yesterday, I was able to get my license.

Another yay - It is raining.  Real rain.  Not a five second mist that falls, but an all day sustained rain and we've had about six inches so far with more currently falling.  This makes me very happy. 

We were at Shelter Insurance to see what they had to offer since we are getting rid of Allstate and the guy knows where we live and had said that they also have the five miles from a fire department as long as it is rated a 9.  (Worst rating is 10.)  If there were a fire department rated at a 7, then we would be fine and could have property/homeowners insurance.  But since the TVFD is over 10 miles away and is a 9 rating, then we can't have it.  He "affectionately" calls them lot savers because by the time they get there, all that is left to save is the lot.  If TVFD were to get better equipment and volunteers and their rating increases, then we could have insurance coverage.

Anyway, the reason the rain makes me happy is as we are talking, he had made mention of a forest fire about due for this area because of how dry everything has been and all the dead, dropped, dry debris from ice storms and wind storms these past few years.  No one goes in to do controlled burn to prevent a wide spread forest fire.  It made me think back to our control burning.  Yeah, it jumped the line, but this has to be done.  No one is going to do it for us.  Now that we have a nice soaking rain, we can gather dead brush again and burn.  It's either that or wait for a forest fire to come through and have stuff here to feed on.  If there is nothing for it to feed on around our house, then it will feed elsewhere and we will have a fighting chance of keeping it at bay should one start to spread this way.

And no, we are not one of those psychos who will be spraying our roof down with water while the deck is on fire.  We will bail in the event of a forest fire if we need to. 

Anyway, I got my license.  I got questions answered with Shelter Insurance.  I learned that we do need to continue to do controlled burning.  And, it is pouring.

Oh, and we stopped at a surplus store and I finally found a handgun I want that I can carry concealed easily!  YAY!  Now I just need to get my Arkansas permit.  Thankfully, they have reciprocity with Indiana, so transferring permits should not be a problem.

Hunting season is fast approaching so on our to do list is to get lots and lots of signs saying "Private Property.  No Hunting, No Trespassing."  There is also a "Purple Paint" law.  In Missouri, it is as good as a "No Hunting" sign.  There is some confusion in Arkansas as to the meaning.  "No Hunting" or "Private Hunting Club."

I'd love to get some signs that say "Trespasser will be shot.  Survivors will be shot again."  Most people I know would laugh about that, but there are those snowflake few who would go running crying over a sign like that.  (And actually, if you did see a sign like that, it would be 100 feet from our house which means you would already be trespassing and knowing it having ignored the other signs.)  Of course for me, that sign is as good as "Gun Control:  Using Both Hands."

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