Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today has been a productive day.  We went to West Plains for a sustainability fair hosted by Seventh Day Adventists.  I made some wonderful contacts, potential mentors, and had a great time.  I have been wanting to meet someone in this area who is familiar with herbs that grow naturally in this area who can help me.  Also, I have been at a standstill in my herbal knowledge.  As I told someone, reading and doing from reading can only take me so far.  I need someone who has also done to work with me to take me further.  Passing on knowledge is important.  I pass on what I know and I need someone from around here to pass on to me.  In Indiana, I had the Amish.  Here, I am starting from scratch.  So, I have ladies who seem to be interested in helping me learn about the wonderful wild herbs that grow around here. 

On the way home, I talked with O and I was supposed to go to her house to do some training and tests for BSA.  One of them being the Youth Protection.  But, plans have changed because of the upcoming Hootin' and Hollerin' Festival in Gainsville.  But she did say I could do it online and so I did that as we were going down the road.  I watched the videos, took the test, and passed.  Husband is going to do the same training and test either later today or tomorrow.  Then, we get to go through the background check.  I am probably going to have to go through all the same thing for the girl scouts since I am going to be at each meeting with Bethany.

While I was on the phone with O, I had reminded her of a conversation we had about her watching my children on Oct 2nd or 9th (both days have something) and she had offered to watch the children for one of them.  (An all day training session for just about every position within BSA.)  I had mentioned then that "I like you and we have talked, but I have only met you once.  I get no bad vibes, but that doesn't always mean anything."  Being a mom herself, she understands.

Which brings us to today.  I had told her about being asked to serve on the board of the shelter and with both of us being asked to serve, I had told her what went through my head.  "I just got done telling O that I don't know her well enough to trust her with my children and I am getting ready to ask her to take care of my children."  She laughed and assured me "I am safe.  I promise.  Your children will be safe with me."  Tongue in cheek humor that I have "Didn't Jeffery Dahmer say the same thing?"

I get good vibes from her.  :)

We hit a couple of yard sales on the way home and Husband got a new pair of boot for $3.00.  He needs them.  At another yard sale, there was a child's plastic vanity complete with chair and mirror.  I had told the children to stay in their seats.  As I was looking at it to buy it, Bethany came running out of the truck to me and I told her she had to get back in the truck and stay in her seat if she wanted me to buy it.  Otherwise, I was not going to get it for her.  She went running back to the truck and I had bought it.  As I was getting the change, got out of her seat and was climbing to the front seat.  I looked back and said "You need to stay in your seat if you want it."  She sat back down and I was carrying it to the truck.  She leans over the front seat and yells "I knew you were joking.  I knew I was going to get it."  I put it down, got my money back, and told her that I don't joke.  I don't make empty threats.  She screamed for the next hour.

I reminded her that I don't tell her things for no reason.  There is a reason behind everything.  Her job is to listen.  She runs off at the mouth, she loses.  I felt bad putting it back like that.  But I also know that she needs to remember that I am the parent.  Direct, deliberate disobedience does not fly with me and if she thinks I am kidding about consequences, guess what?  Mean?  Some might think so.  But looking at the long term, this is necessary.


♥ recipe addict said...

I have to ask, did you check out that homestead link i put on your fb? It seems really neat. Wasn't sure if it might help with ideas for you all or not.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Yes, I did and I thank you. I also forwarded it to R who is doing much the same thing in TH. She just got some chickens. :)

♥ Michelle said...

I have always thought I wanted to have chickens... but we live in town and todd won't let me LOL