Thursday, September 23, 2010

VA Hospital.

Husband has been admitted for observation so he can get IV abx.  His feet had suddenly swollen and had not gone back down so we came to the hospital.  Although his white blood cell count is not elevated, they went ahead with the abx anyway.  Just before starting the abx, they drew blood from each arm to do a bacterial count (I think is what they said.)  Either that or a....  Something.  It's 4:00am and I haven't been to sleep yet.

The nurse was really nice and gave me a pillow and a couple of blankets and sheets and directed me to a waiting room with recliners and couches. 

I checked in with O who has the children and they are doing well.  If Husband does indeed get discharged when we think he will, I will be staying here until then.  Otherwise, I will leave in the morning after the doctor sees us and go go pick up the children.


♥ Michelle said...

Praying he has a speedy recovery and you get some rest!

♥ Michelle said...

hey Kim, I know your family is a faithful, praying family... so could you please add my friend Amanda Fessant to your prayers today? She is my age and has breast, spine and brain cancer. She is in the hospital in Indy and today there is a 24 fast going on to offer prayers up for her. I'm not asking you to fast or anything, but if you could just add her to your prayers, and her family as well. She has two young children.