Thursday, September 23, 2010

Husband Update

We got discharged today.  Husband received IV abx and was kept over night.  The doctor wanted to keep him another night, but after talking, there was really nothing more that they would do (maybe another IV abx, I don't know) that we couldn't do at home with the exception of he gets to keep his feet up more in the hospital.  I tried to argue with him to stay, but it fell flat.  We called the doctor back in and she didn't have any problems with him going home and didn't make us sign anything stating we were leaving AMA.  He's been given two different prescriptions for abx and a bottle of betadine. 

The children seem to have had fun with O.  We're still on our way to go get them.  We have another couple of hours drive ahead of us.  We've stopped for food.

I am tired.  I got almost no sleep last night.  I am thankful we went and I am thankful that O was able to take the children at a moments notice.  Granted, I had called her and discussed the possibility with her Tuesday.  It was a "I don't like how his foot is starting to look so we may end up going to the VA hospital.  If that happens, could you????"

Ok, I need to get off here.

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