Thursday, September 30, 2010

The sky is covered up, but the roof is not quite finished yet.  Husband is going slow so he doesn't hurt himself.  This is very understandable after yesterday's seizure due to him over doing it.  Although the seizures have lessened considerably with him off the medication that causes seizures (great medicine to give someone who already has seizures) he still gets them on occasion.  Usually when he does too much and doesn't drink enough water and becomes dehydrated. 

Today, I took it easy as well.  I have the beginnings of a cold (sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, starting to feel run down) so I decided to be a bit lazy today to try to head this off before it kicks my butt.  I'm taking tins of garlic as well.  Or at least I was until Hannah found it and ate 2/3 of the bottle.  She now stinks. 

I got a call earlier today asking if we were going to Holy Convocation.  I want to.  But the logistics of it dictate otherwise.  Someone has to be here to care for the animals and to keep the hunters away.  We've already had issues with them and it's turkey season plus bow season for deer.  I don't care if people hunt my property, but they need to be invited by us. 

With R gone, we went down to see the mess she left.  And a huge mess it was.  And still is with lots of broken glass.  I'm less than happy with her and thankful she is gone.  When you are trying to get away from someone, you don't invite them to where you are living.  If that person is abusive and we tell you he is not welcome on our property, you don't ignore us and continue to invite him.  That, plus a bunch of other stuff led to me finally saying "Get your crap and get out."

Mr. Saan is in rut and has been for a week or two now.  Goats in rut stink.  However, goats in rut mean ladies become pregnant.  Goat gestation calculator has them due the week of my birthday.  I am kinda hoping for Bethany's birthday because she would totally love that.  Babies being born and having nummies would make her day.

I hear soft whining so I am guessing Hannah is stirring in her sleep and is going to wake up shortly to join us in bed.  Although tiring especially since she sleeps plastered against me, I just remind myself that it's normal and she is staying in her own bed a couple of times a week now.

Charlie lost his science book so I am going to have to (annoyingly) replace it.  Other than that, he is still doing schoolwork.  He has been doing review on single digit multiplication and will be going into two digit times one digit.  We got away from worksheet math for a couple of weeks because we were doing other stuff and I wanted to make sure he remembers multiplication before I moved ahead with it.  I am going to have to start teaching division soon.  I am guessing he will be ready in a month or two.  We'll see.  One thing I don't have to worry about with him is his reading.  He reads constantly.  When I was having him help pick up the garbage, wet stacks of paper, soggy books, etc, he kept picking things up one at a time and sitting there reading it.  I never thought the words "stop reading" would come out of my mouth. 

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