Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More news from our strange planet

Apparently, it is not rape on college campuses we have to worry about.  (And, yes I am very well aware rape can happen anytime anywhere.  The highest vulnerable demographic for rape are college women which is what the news article was talking about and what I focused on.)  It did bring to mind something that Wyatt had posted in his blog about a rape across from the police department.

But, after visiting his blog again, I have learned that rape should be the least of our worries.  Apparently, higher education is training our children to prepare for a zombie invasion.

Time to go buy more shotgun shells.  I mean these are places of higher learning.  If the colleges and universities are offering these courses, then there is really a problem.  They probably know something we don't.  I knew I should have made more tin foil hats.*

(*The gubment doesn't want people to know that the tin foil hat leak is a hoax.  They want you to buy and/or make them because they enhance the mind reading ray abilities.  You are better off with a hat made of foam and cardboard.  Shhh.)

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