Sunday, August 8, 2010

We have arrived

We arrived around 7:00 or 8:00 this morning.  (Changing time zones confuses me.)  It took about 13 hours even though it was only supposed to take 8 hours.  We had to stop a lot to sleep.  Driving tired is not good.  We decided to take our time and arrive safe than push ourselves and get into an accident.

I unloaded to truck and promptly went to bed.  I was tired.  When I got up, I took a shower.  I am still very tired, but feel a bit more refreshed having napped and showered.  All the children are going to get baths with epsom salts to help with bug bites.  Garlic oil and Tea Tree oil are on our must get list while here.

It is strange sitting in constant air conditioning in front of a television.  (Crocodile Dundee is on.  I never did care for the movie.  What people see in the movie, I have no idea.  Ok, so there is eye candy for both genders if you are into ogling.)

We stepped on a scale here and I have lost some more weight.  Husband has lost a total of weight.  He's lost over 30 pounds.  I'd love to know how his sugar levels are, but his glucometer has not worked in forever not to mention the fact that although the VA had discontinued his insulin since he was doing fine without it, they never refilled or replaced his Metformin.  All of this will be taken care of at his next VA appointment.

Pizza is here so I am going to scoot.

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