Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Under The Dome

That is the name of the latest Stephen King book.  It is very well written and has a lot of characters as is typical of Stephen King.  I started it yesterday morning and finished it early this afternoon.  I took advantage of driving time to and from West Plains yesterday and when we got back, I told Husband that I am not going to be much use for anything beyond basic household stuff until the book was finished.  I stayed up late last night, and I read all morning this morning taking breaks to make breakfast, help with some schooling, and minor things here and there.  I finished in time to make lunch.  I am not going to tell anything about it, but I will say it was good.

We got water today and I am doing laundry which means the generator is running.  We are taking the opportunity to make sure all batteries are charged fully.  When I was putting clothes away on shelves and in where the closet is going to be, I discovered broken egg shells and yolk in my bin of clothes.  I can finally stop living out of a bin and live like a normal person and find out that while we were gone, the chickens got into the cabin and laid eggs in my bin.  Chicken - As soon as I find out which one, I have rosemary with your name on it!  So, the majority of my clothes need to be washed.  As if there weren't enough laundry.

The people we get the water from were there today and we were talking about chainsaws.  C has one that she really likes and is easy to start.  She has bad shoulders so pulling is difficult for her.  Listening to her talk about the chainsaw makes me think that it is one I could use easily.  Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it, but I am sure Husband does.  I am not going to need one immediately, but I will need one before winter.

My angel called me last evening.  I was planning on calling her last night after the children were in bed, but she beat me to it.  It was wonderful talking with her.  I am so thankful for her.  She is an amazing person with two full time jobs.  One of which takes someone with a big heart to be able to do.

Baths are commencing.  Hannah is done and Bethany is in.  Charlie is next.  And, I just had a rather bizarre conversation with Bethany.  She said she pulled a tick off her penis. 
"Bethany, you don't have a penis."
"Yes I do.  I just pulled a tick off of it."
I get up and go in the bathroom.
"Bethany, girls don't have a penises."
"Yes, I do.  It's right here."  She points to her vaginal area.
"Bethany, that is your pee-pee area.  It is called a vulva."
"Oh.  I forgot.  Well, there was a tick right there and I pulled it off."
"Great."  With that I walk away wondering which part of the was the most strange.  The fact that she had a tick down there (not all that strange since these seed ticks get through clothes and I have had ticks there as well as in my bra) or the fact that she thought she had a penis or the fact that I actually had to convince her that she did not in fact have a penis.

Does motherhood ever become normal?


Human Ape Along for the Ride said...

In a word? No.


Human Ape Along for the Ride said...

Also: YOU SUCK!!!!

Guess where I will be heading once Meepers gets off the bus? Wait, what was that? Did you just say "The bookstore"?


*mutter, grumble, new SK book, mutter, grumble*