Friday, August 20, 2010

Today, we did quite a bit of errand running after me getting poured on at the farmer's market.  I filled in again today and got drenched.  I got there a little after 8:00 and around 11:00 (I was supposed to be there until 1:00) it started pouring.  The awning that I sat under is not waterproof.  It is a nylon mesh type material.  It's great for shade.  Not for staying dry.  Then, the wind started blowing and in the drenching rain, I am holding onto the aluminum frame to keep it from blowing away.  As I am getting soaked through and holding onto this pole, I am trying to call Husband to come and pick me up and call the farmer to let him know I am packing it up.  So here I am drenched, holding metal, trying to call people, and thunder rumbles.  Hmm.  Metal in one hand, electronics in the other and thunder close by (which means lightening is in the area.)  I'm seeking shelter.  If the awning goes, the awning goes.  I'll buy a new one.  That is preferable to getting hit by lightening.

Anyway, Husband shows up and we pack everything up and bring it all back to the farmer.  (Side note:  I just got a call a couple of minutes ago.  He's been taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion.  His temperature climbed 0.7* in under 10 min.  It's over 103.  I don't remember the exact number.)  We unload there (by this point, the rain had let up, but I was soaked and had water squishing out my shoes as I walked.  We unpack and help them put stuff away and get to talking.  They are really nice people and I can learn a lot from them.  She wants to learn stuff from me as well.  So we are going to hopefully start getting together and teach each other our stuff.  (Just got a text.  His fever is now up to 104.1.)

Anyway, we leave there and with me still is soaking wet clothing that I pitifully try to wring out as I am wearing them, we head back into town to have some lunch and run a few errands.  Husband filled up the truck earlier so we head to Gainsville for lumber and flashing to work on a couple of projects with the cabin.  From there, we head to the hardware store.  We talk with the people there and place an order for deer fence so we can start to keep the chickens in a smaller than 80 acre area.  They moved the nest on us and with the salmonella outbreak, having our own eggs is more important than ever.

After that, we came home and I went back out with the van.  It needed gas, so I filled it about half way and picked up a block of ice.  I went to the grocery store and did some shopping for meals for the next week and spoke with them about block ice.  Granted, the gas station three or four buildings up has block ice, but I don't like having to stop at more than one place.  I end up talking and it takes two or three hours to do something that should only take an hour.  Plus, with more than one place having block, if one runs out, the other might still have it.  With the exception of this one grocery store (they bag their own) they all get their bagged ice from the same place.  So getting block ice from the same place should not be a big deal.  (Three places get ice from the same place and there are three different prices.)

I come back and I am pleasantly surprised.  I love my husband.  While we were gone, chickens got in the cabin.  There were a couple of piles of chicken poop.  Plus there were dishes that needed doing.  He cleaned the poop and did the dishes.  I was prepared to take care of it all when I got back, but I didn't have to.  Plus, he held dinner for me.

I have to share this because it is so funny.  At the market this morning, Husband pulled in at the same time a couple of customers did.  Husband brought me coffee.  (I love my husband.  He takes care of me so well.  He knows what I need and takes care of those needs.)  He hands me a coffee and I take it oh so grateful saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you."  These two gentlemen get a chuckle out of this and start asking about raw milk.  I explain that our milk person is not here today and that I am filling in for the produce farmer.  We get to talking for a couple of minutes and they ask about our stuff.  After telling them that I will be having a table next year with produce but specializing in goat milk products, they ask about that.

"Well, we make our own goat milk soap, plus I will have raw goat milk and I make cream cheese, feta, herbed, mozzarella, ricotta, yogurt, kefir, and ice cream."

The older gentleman perks up and says "How about if you leave that old man over there and come on home with me."

"Eh, I'm used to him and he's used to me.  Besides, while I may be talented in the kitchen, I am also opinionated and vocal about it."

"Well, maybe not.  There is a reason why I'm still single."

I got a good laugh out of that.  Anyway, I need to get going.  I have children clean-up and bed to get started on.

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