Thursday, August 26, 2010


We got the goats and sheep in place this morning before heading back out to the farm to get more animals.  As we were getting them settled in their new home, one of the sheep (a ram) got free and we had to go catch him.  It is the same ram that the guy had said would be ready for the butcher in another couple of months.  I'm thinking sooner if he tries to pull that stunt again.  He goes running across the yard, into the woods, comes back around, and leads everyone on a merry little chase.  You know those movies where the lamb appears to be care-free and is doing more of a hopping to get around?  That is exactly what it looks like.  Comical and annoying at the same time.  Hop, hop, hop, hop.  That's how they run.  Head up straight and acting like there are little springs on their hooves.  Hop, hop, hop. 

Anyway, we finally get him in, get to the farm and get ready to capture the sheep.  We get four loaded and get about half a dozen more in a corral and Bethany lets out a blood-curdling scream.  Thinking something major happened, I go running and all the sheep that we had rounded up got lose back in the field.  "Hannah hit me" was the reason for the scream.  Highly annoyed, I chew both of them out for roughhousing and screaming for no valid reason and causing the sheep to run.  We never were able to round up anymore sheep even after trying for over an hour straight. 

However, in the middle of all of this, there is a giant donkey.  A jack.  He is beautiful and affectionate.  We fall in love with him.  I had been saying "no, no, no, no, no."  Until he nuzzled me a few times.  So, I relent.  We had been told the price yesterday and had turned it down because we don't need a donkey right now.  Green broke or full broke, we don't need one.  Well, we do, but not right now.

Next thing I know, I am looking at Husband and saying "Yes."  He comes complete with bridle, halter, saddle, blanket, etc.  Full tack.  He won't load.  So, tomorrow, when we go get the rest of the sheep, we will be getting a donkey as well.  We'll just add a month on to our having the animals paid off.

I'm looking at the miniature cows.  There are four of them.  One of them I don't want.  It's a mean one.  His (her?) name is "Wild Thing."  The other three, maybe.  We'll see.  They are beautiful.  Husband was sitting on the ground trying to entice the sheep near him (they kept following the mini cows) and the minis were right up to him and he was petting them as ate out of the small bucket he was holding.  I'm trying to get my brain to remember that "Aww, I want one" is different than "We need one of those."  It's not working yet.


George said...
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George said...

I wasn't petting them, I was taste testing them to see if they were done yet.... Num.. Num. . Numm... Yumm!!