Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Bethany found a treasure of sea shells.  She is pleased with herself and is wanting to make necklaces with them.

This is the brand of the wood stove/oven we found at a pawn shop.  It still needs a stove pipe before we can use it.  The hardware store has pipes in stock and it is on our shopping list next week.

This is our diningroom table.  It is the same one we had in Indiana and we moved it down here.  I love this table and it has withstood a good amount from the children.  So a beautiful table that I love that is also very durable....  A keeper.

This is a sideways picture of our overflowing bookcase.  We have tons more books than can fit in the case.  We need more shelves.  This is something that has always been a "need" of mine since early in our marraige.  We are constantly needing more shelves.  It comes with being an avid reader and having children that also love books and love to read means the need for shelves will continue to grow.

This is my desk.  This is where lesson plans get done, billing stuff gets done, and all kinds of other stuff.  Once walls are put up around this little area, this will be my office.  And yes, that is a bed next to the desk.  Hannah still climbs into bed with us at night so she remains downstairs so she doesn't get hurt climbing down from the loft.  Although she has proven herself capable when she does choose to sleep in the loft of climbing down during the night with no problems, I still worry.

Another sideways picture.  Miracle of miracles, it is a washing machine.  It also moved here from Indiana with us.  It came down with the initial trip.  It is currently on the front porch.  (The wire hanging on the front is hooked up to the laptop for internet service.)  The generator has to run for the washing machine to work, but a washing machine we have and it does work.

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