Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I finally got my dependent DOD ID done.  It had expired and I didn't realize it when I went to transfer my license.  Crud!  So, we had to try to figure out where to get my ID.  After some searching, we called Fort Leonard Wood and talked with them.  They had said we don't need to go all the way there (although we could if we want) but could instead go to Springfield.  So, we went and finally got it done which means tomorrow I can finally get my license done.

We also took the time to go to a discount grocery store.  We filled three banana sized boxes with groceries plus picked up a 50# bag of sugar all for $125.00.  I had a budget in mind, saw the total, and said "I could go through again!"  I was pleased.  It still feels strange buying groceries.  But, by this time next year, we will be back to where we were with buying staples and not having to buy actual groceries.

While I was getting my DOD ID, I was joking around with the gentleman and I had mentioned that Husband had made the comment of "This brings back memories."  (We were in the Naval area.)  He said he couldn't wait to get out.  "Six more years."  I had said "As long as you don't get out the way my husband did."  Apparently, when pulling up the files, it not only lists the fact that he is 100% service connected, but also how it came about.  He said "Yeah, no kidding.  That looks bad."  Yeah, having a missile lift fall and crush your skull into your brain tends to leave a lasting impression.

He seemed like a nice guy and I wish him well.  He has twin 10 year olds and like any child, they need their father so I pray he stays put where he is currently assigned.

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