Monday, August 30, 2010

My messageboard stalkers

Over 400 hits in one day.  That might be fine for people like Wyatt who are entertaining, have amusing stories from his district about dumb criminals and dumb cops or give his slant on news stories or share stories about his family.  But me?  Not so much.  So, I went to check to see what is going on and followed the link.  (They reformatted.  Used to be when they got so bored they needed someone to trash, you couldn't read what was being said about you.  Now, you can.)

My husband is nutty because he posted an amusing map of what some Russian thinks the country would look like if we ended up in a civil war.  (There are tons of maps around.  This one is funny because it would effectively keep us here with no way to get to the rest of Arkansas without going into another country.)  So, he is nutty.

The person that started it (assuming it is "Amy in Oregon") started the thread with I simply can not stay away. It is like a trainwreck. I cant wait till she posts pictures of their home they are building. I hope they finish before winter comes and they all freeze to death.. for (the f word)* sakes, I have no idea why people are so damn stupid. Emily and Dna should move in with them and they could share crotchpots, wash with their wonderwashers and live happily ever after.

Now, I have no clue who Emily or Dna are or what a "crotchpot" is, but calling us stupid when she decides to post on a forum I don't belong to, don't go to, and trashes me and my family....  Who is the stupid one?  Wanting us to freeze to death?  Really?  Nice.

Reading further down the thread, let me make one thing clear....  WE SLEPT IN A TENT FOR MAYBE ONE WEEK!  The rest of the time, we have had solid walls, solid floor, and a solid roof.

Melody believes that we are doing this to run from my child support obligations.  She thinks I make up stories about going to court and making payments.  I could turn in a full court transcript and I still would not be believed.

Making my own medicines:  It is called herbal medicine.  Herbal medicine is what most pharmaceutical medicines are derived from.  Herbal medicine is also used in other countries before pharmaceutical medicines.  In this country, it's chemistry before plant.  We choose plant first with chemistry where needed.  (Such as anti-seizure medicine, diabetic medicine should the VA ever get around to prescribing it again, etc.)

And no, I am not the whackjob who had her animals taken away because they had a bunch of starving and dead animals everywhere.

As someone else pointed out, that was another "hippie" even though "all those crazies are so interchangeable"

And then all this is followed with them reading Hannah's blog and noting the fact that MONTHS ago, she burned her hand on some coffee.  Because stuff like that never happens in "civilization."

I was going to post pictures of our home because "Amy in Oregon" wanted me to prove that we actually have a house.  I am still going to post pictures because it has been on my todo list, but I am not going to rush to do it today after seeing where the request is coming from.  Start a thread about me because you are some bored housewife and need someone to point at and ridicule on some message board (which if I did not record stats, I would never have known) then ask me to post pictures just so you can pick them apart and insult me and my family some more?  I think not.  I renege on my comment where I had agreed to.  True concern, I would have.  Fodder for your cat fight with me unknowingly in the center?  Find some other "whack job" to rip apart.

Yes, I will post pictures, but not today.  For readers who want to see pictures, I have a bunch on my facebook account.

Now, I must get going and feed animals and get myself some coffee.

*I had to do an edit because in my copying and pasting the stupidity of people I did not see a cuss word.  Thank you, Husband for catching that.


Anonymous said...

FYI - She didn't say she wanted you to freeze to death. She said she hopes you finish so you don't freeze to death. Quote "I hope they finish before winter comes and they all freeze to death."

Mrs. Hoppes said...

I did a copy and paste. Those are her words. "And they all freeze to death."

Anonymous said...

It was a poorly worded sentence and you know it. She does not want you or your children to freeze. Keep reaching though Mrs. Victim.

Anonymous said...

You took that part out of context and you know it. Not that you don't have reason to be pissed off about the rest of it. LoL

Michelle in Illinois said...

Wow, some people need to get a life. Seriously. That's a pretty big typo to make regarding wanting you to freeze to death... don't most message boards allow you to go back and edit your posts? I thought most did, maybe that one isn't sophisticated enough to allow it. I don't know.

Do these people even know you and your family in real life? I'm pretty sure that all these preppy moms that read your blog just so they have something to say on their message boards are really jealous because your life has more meaning than their boring life does. It's rather obvious since they have nothing better to talk about on their board ;)

I'll be sure to check out the pics on fb when you are ready to share. I can't wait to see all the animals!

Anonymous said...

So how much back child support do you owe, anyways, to your left behind family?

Anonymous said...

O.K. Anonymous, Thats enough! "Left behind family"? You really do not want to know about back support, all you really wanted to do is degrade someone with your snide remark without know anything about them.

Sasha said...

Lol. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that I made a shitload of money off of those "starving animals" lies. Ah, well. Keep your chin up, Kim.

Anonymous said...

How is reading a public blog stalking?

A Sybermom said...

It's not stalking. These internet whack jobs always cry "Stalking!" whenever anyone calls them on their stupidity.

What happened to Mr. Hoppes blog?

Sasha, good to hear you made lots of money off of starving your animals.

How much do you owe the family you left behind? Have you contacted your children a't all? I mean your first set of children, not the current ones.

George said...

I took my blog down because My life isn't interesting and those who were reading it turn out to be a viscious pack of cyber folk who don't know what reality is or isn't. Therefore I have no intrest in providing mre fuel to these folks. Peace be with you and may nothing turely bad ever happen to you or yours.

Amy said...

Oh My Goodness! THEY'RE BACK!?!?

Okay, who left the backdoor to Kim's blog open again?

I think these SyberMoms should consider the neglect they may be inflicting on their own children as they spend their days online bullying other people.

I worry about the poor children who have these Sybermoms as role models. What is society coming to?

No wonder there are so many Bullies in school...they learn the behavior somewhere.

I think these women need to take time to focus on their own families than to create drama for someone they do not know nor will they likely ever meet (which is why they feel "Powerful" to bully) There are actual "Drama" shows that you could busy yourself with.

Michelle in Illinois said...

Amy, I agree with you. In fact, there have been cases where parents encouraged their children to bully online to the point another child committed suicide. I think I am beginning to see the types of parents that would do such a thing! As for drama show recommendations, I'm thinking possibly Springer? Or for those who feel they are holier than thou, some Oprah.

Kim, where do these people find your blog at, or what connection do they have to you that they feel the need to hit your blog some 400 times in a day and talk about it on their trashy board? They know nothing of your past and should be ashamed for the comments they are making.

George said...

Some were mom's from another message board that Kim was on at the time and they left to start the current trash everyone else board.

Amy said...

Michelle- I'm guessing they find it through Googling, etc.

And they are hitting the blog because their reality is so depressing and sad that they have to find a way to cope. Some of the things I've read from these Syber-people, I wouldn't want my children anywhere near their foul mouths.

Anonymous said...

They are reading this blog because it is like looking at an accident. You cannot look away.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how you can be a true off-the-grid homesteader and be 100 lbs overweight. God provides you with land and skills and motivation to grow your own food. Little Caesar's doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

It's a public blog, people might read it and people might post. Why else does a person have a blog, let alone a public one? It's naive, and maybe a bit egocentric, to think everyone who reads this is going to agree with everything you write or not have an opinion about it. Make it private it you can't stand the heat.

Amy said...

If 5:15pm Anon had been paying attention, she would know that the Hoppes have lost weight since they aquired this property. Might help if you stop referring to a old outdated livejournal type of resources and try keeping up in this one.

And I think Kim is doing just fine. Though I hope she doesn't feel the need to answer such silly questions from close minded people who shouldn't be judging without looking at their own lives.

Amy said...

and're telling me that you have never had a treat with your children? That is what Little Caeser's was....a get together with friends while she was in town.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amy said...

Awww...I think I hurt someone's feelings.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

A comment has been deleted due to cussing.

amy in oregon said...

OH please. Hoppes are not earlier settlers. Early settlers did not use laundry detergent.
Kim, you can attempt to fool people. But, there are many of us who have been around for a long time. We remember the Exchange student you called a whore, because she would not be your personal slave and eat your terrible food.
Your family has limited money, experience and terrible health. Not a great combo when you are attempting to homestead.
You are not posting pictures because you have readers now? Who cares where they come from. You should contact Emily from Under 1000 a month on how to make this blog a money maker. I am sure you could use the extra money. She uses a wonderwash also and is attempting to homestead right there in her little cramped Maine Apt.
I am honestly worried about your family. I do not think you have really thought this whole thing out. You do not have access to any quick healthcare, and your husband appears to be very very ill. If heaven forbid something really bad happens, you are out of luck. I know I could not live with myself knowing if I made better choices the outcome would of been better, I hope you finish your home before winter, you are all warm, have enough to eat and your husband starts to take better care of himself and you both eat a healthier diet and get rid of that extra weight that is slowly killing you.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

1. Early settlers did use soap. They made it themselves.

2. The "fooling people" is a laugh. Those defending me know me in real life and have for years. As in face to face our children have played together they have been in my home.

3. I have never called the exchange student a whore (I love these lies) or expected her to be a personal slave (unless you call doing dinner dishes which is something that a 6 year old is capable of being a slave) and if you classify homemade, homegrown produce, meat, eggs, milk, and cheese horrible food then I feel bad for you.
What I did call her was spoiled. Get it right.
I have pictures. On my facebook account. I am not posting pictures to satisfy YOU. I will post pictures here when I feel like it. Not when you demand it. I do not bow down to you.

Never met Emily. I am happy for her. I am not interested in this blog being a money maker. That is not the purpose of this blog.

Structurally, our home is done. (Walls, floor, roof. We are quite warm and will be finished well before winter hits.

As for your concern about me and my family, I doubt it is genuine. If you really did care about our well being, what you have displayed over at that pathetic excuse for a mesageboard tells me ust the opposite. You are concerned about us, yet you insult us? Nice try. There are far better ways of showing concern.

Why not e-mail me? Give me a phone call? Send a text? Actually talk to ME about your supposed valid concerns rather than spreading lies and rumors, slinging insults, and dragging innocent children into your games.

Genuine concern my butt.

Here's some concern for you. I am concerned about how much time you are focused on your family with all the energy you are expending on mine.