Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010
Another internetless blog entry. We arrived home last night to find all the animals alive and happy to see us. The dogs are lucky to be alive. We pulled in to a mess of garbage strewn all over the place. In the light of the day, I saw that clean clothes had also been taken out and spread across the ground. They are lucky I am not looking up Chinese recipes.
We picked up more cinder blocks today to help shore up the one cabin. Tomorrow, we are dropping the truck off to get fixed. It will take a couple of weeks. That’s what happens when a tree falls on it. I will have to post pictures next time I have internet access. (Probably tomorrow sometime.)
Tomorrow, we are also going to pay our mortgage and get our licenses and plates taken care of. Hopefully, we can get Husband’s phone replaced as well. At least that’s the plan.
I did a load of laundry today and it is now hanging on the line. I am eventually going to get either ten brand new clean buckets and five wash boards or four more wonder washers and have each person responsible for their own laundry. The washing machine will be reserved for towels, sheets, blankets, etc.
The rotary dryer did not do very well with my little set up in a cinder block with rock and dirt around it. The weight of the clothes threw it off kilter and it couldn’t stay up. So, it will need to be concreted in place. Not a priority right now. It can wait.
I also tried setting up a “free range” area for the rabbits. But that didn’t go too well either. The chicken wire fence is being a pain so when I have more patience (and more sleep) I will get back to it. In the mean time, the rabbits will have to be content in their little cage. I really hope Charlie appreciates this.
The broody hen is still sitting on eggs. We are going to attempt to move her nest and all. How this will work, I have no idea. But she needs to be moved. We also have a few of the other chickens caged to move up here. Thankfully, the chickens are smart enough to avoid the mountain lion. They have all survived on their own down at “camp” with no other animals and us gone. They are all very much alive and healthy. Catching them all to get them up here is going to be a treat. We have a little trap set up with some chicken feed to entice them. Now, we will have to see if these creatures whose eyeballs are bigger than their brains will fall for it.
I finally found the prescription for my Levothyroxine. I am supposed to be taking 200mcg a day, but have not had any in over a week. I ran out and lost the prescription for the local pharmacy. No wonder why I’m tired.
Tired or not, I need to get back to work. I need to work on dinner.

The children are all snug in bed. I forgot to pick up pull-ups for Hannah to sleep in, so she is going to be a “Big Girl” tonight and use the potty during the night. I put a folded flannel diaper in her underwear to help in case she has an accident. She is excited. She is also my last one still not night trained. At three, I don’t expect her to be, but if it happens, I will have a huge celebration. A “No more buying pull-ups” party. It would be more for me, but we don’t have to tell her that.
I never did get back to the rabbit pen today. Time got away from me. I did manage to get the clothes off the line before the evening dew and get the dinner dishes done. I also totally cleared out the truck of all pieces of paper, documents, important receipts, change, odds and ends, trash, and everything else in there. We are going to be without it for a couple of weeks so we wanted to make sure everything was out of it. I also cleaned out the van with Charlie’s help. It was road trip tired. Charlie tool care of the broken crayons, torn paper, snack cracker bits, etc. Basically the mess he and his sisters made. I cleaned out all the stuff we brought back with us and put it all away.
Husband left some of his medication in Indiana. Including his Tramodol (sp?) for pain. As such, he has been in a lot of pain today. “Saturated in pain” is I believe the term he used. He has not been doing well. His pain levels are over the top. I am doing the best I can to help him and take over his work load. I just wish I could take away his pain.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Husband is moving very slow this morning which is understandable. I got some coffee in him and he is eating breakfast right now. The children have already been up, dressed, eaten, and gotten into trouble.
There is a 50# bag of dog food in one of the cabins. I hear this mess being made like they are spreading the dog food all over the place and probably throwing it. I go to holler out to find out what is going on (as if I didn’t know) and Hannah comes running up crying. I hear Bethany say “Blame Charlie!” This was quickly followed by Charlie saying “No! Bethany!” Who then said “Blame the chickens!” I asked Hannah what was wrong and she said that Bethany threw dog food at her.
I go out there, look in the cabin, and see the mess. After me yelling at them for making the mess, Bethany looks at me and says “You can clean it up.” I glare at her and say “Excuse me?” She quickly says “I can clean it up.”
So they are making more of a mess cleaning up the dog food while we gather the rest of the stuff we need to get ready to get going this morning.

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Anonymous said...

From SIL/Auntie Barb... Meds are on their way. sent them express. they said they should be there Thursday. Had the glucose tolerance test, HGB A1C plus different type so test for the anemia done today. Getting tired of this. They keep taking blood and I'll have a worse case of anemia. At least being retired I can take naps when needed. Thanks again for coming and staying for the 4th. Am looking forward to August. Love to all Auntie Barb