Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laundry Day

We did laundry again today.  Although we were once again alone, there were a couple of pick-ups with boat trailers there and a lot of boat traffic causing the pots to bounce around making laundry a bit more difficult.  Plus a guy we've met briefly a couple of times came down on his ATV.  He didn't stay.  It looked more like he came down looking for someone and, seeing only us, left.  He didn't even stop long enough to say hi.

We swam and played and did more swimming lessons with the children and cooled off once laundry was done.  Charlie and Bethany can both hold their nose, close their mouths, and dunk under water.  This might seem like no big deal for most people who have been in water their whole lives, but this summer is their first time in water that was not a bath tub.  (Charlie in water when he was an infant, but he doesn't remember.)

They need to learn how to swim.  This isn't a hobby thing, but a survival skill.

We have a Thursday night tradition of dinner with R.  She made chicken soup and it was very good.  She said we'll have the leftovers for dinner again tomorrow.

We also met R's boss today.  He is very conservative in his praise or approval.  He takes his responsibilities very seriously and looks at R as his daughter and therefore feels very responsible for her.  He approves of us and feels ok with R living on our land.  He calls us "doers" and coming from him, that is a very high form of praise.  He even took the time to talk with us and gave us tips and feedback on some of our projects. 

Tomorrow is farmer's market.  I will be giving R a ride and (by default) doing market with her.  I will use the opportunity to put together more breastfeeding packets.  Husband will most likely put together the other ladder.  One ladder got done today so the children can climb up to the lofts.  Hannah can climb up and down no problem.  Now we are wondering if we shouldn't just put her in a loft right off.  She is wanting it, but the question is, is she ready?  Will she be able to navigate down the ladder in the middle of the night if she has to?  That is the real question.

I can not wait for the truck to get fixed.  I can stop doing dishes in five gallon buckets and do them in the sink again.  It is tiring doing dishes the way I have been.  Actually, I can't wait to turn dishes back over to Charlie and Bethany.

I need to call a friend of mine in Indiana.  She had some tests done today and I am wondering how they went.

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Dana said...

Tests were inconclusive. They've moved me to a hospital in Indy.