Friday, July 23, 2010

A day of accomplishment

I went to Farmer's Market today to give R a ride.  I spent the day with her and we took Charlie with us.  He got some schoolwork done and we figured out once again that if he is put on a timer, he does much better.  So I am going to have to do that to keep him focused.  I don't like the idea of "You have x amount of time to do this" with schoolwork.  I'd rather they work at their pace and absorb what they are learning.  But if this is what works best for Charlie then so be it.

I went over to The Daily Journal to see the owner and talk with her about Bethany and spinning lessons.  Bethany now has lessons on Mondays in the afternoon.  Bethany learns how to spin, we will get fiber animals and I will learn how to knit.  I will knit sweaters, hats, scarves, etc out of yarn that Bethany spins from animals that we have.  (Or, rather, will have.)

I also had time to finish putting together breastfeeding packets and realized that I need to get more folders.  So, that is on my to get list and can take advantage of back to school sales and pick up other stuff at the same time.

I also spoke with a real estate agent who is also the market master for the farmer's market.  There are about a half dozen small buildings where the farmer's market is.  Two of them are for sale.  Each building is about 1000 square feet.  I have been playing with an idea in my head since I started looking for places to hold meetings.  If we had our own place, this would not be an issue.  But we don't have our own place that is easily findable or accessible.  There is also not a lot here for community resources.  I could have a place for meetings.  If there were a population here that was autistic (and I am not saying there isn't, I just haven't heard about it) the parents could probably benefit from a parent to parent support group.  There could also be a central location for people to go and say "I have ____ going on in my life, where to I go for help?"  (Job loss, power about to be shut off, barter systems, etc.)  I am really liking the idea of the barter system as well.  This is beginning to happen with the farmer's market, but it could be expanded.  (I need my tractor fixed, but don't have money or parts.  I can hang drywall or help with roofing work in exchange.  Yes, stuff like that really does happen around here.)

Having a central location and a "need" and "offer" board for people to look at for bartering, a place for meetings, a place for people to find out about services available to them, etc would be wonderful.  This is not a place to put people on public assistance, but to help them live independent of that.  Or if they would still like public assistance, I can say "Well, you need to go to this place."

No, I am not anti-public assistance.  But I am anti- not giving people other options and keeping them at below poverty level and punishing them when they try to do better.

More later.

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