Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I just dropped off some breastfeeding information packets off downstairs from the domestic violence shelter.  I had made mention of dropping them off to someone and was told that they were going to be closing down due to mismanagement. 

I go there and there is no one there so I talk with the shop owners downstairs and ask about the shelter and who to talk to.  They called four different numbers (including the director) and got no answer from anyone.  A message was left.

The shop owners had said that they weren't closing but were in fact waiting for a grant to try to buy the whole building.  So while I am relieved that the shelter is not closing, I am not surprised by the rumor of mismanagement.  What if I had been seeking shelter or looking for help?  Gee, I'm sorry, but no one is bothering to answer their phones so you are out of luck?

Anyway, I left my number and the packets and we'll see what happens.

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