Friday, June 18, 2010


With God's help, we have reached the building site!  We still have to cut down the area for the cabins and what is basically going to be a driveway turn around.  It took ten days, but we did it.  We will be going through after we get the actual site cleared and double checking for width issues.  We have a 12 foot pole saw and I will hold one end to my side while Husband holds the other end to his side and we will walk it and cut down anything that we run into.  We've been double checking as we go along, but this will give us a more definitive idea of clearance room.  There are also going to be a few stump issues that we will need to take care of, but WE MADE IT!  Thank You, Father.

God has blessed us with clear weather and has held back the rain so we could do this.  When rain has been in the forecast, He held it back until night time so we could get the work done.  I can't thank Him enough or give Him enough praise for all He has done for us.