Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hannah is sick.  She is running a fever and is whiny and clingy, but no other symptoms.  This is not unusual for her.  She has a habit of running a fever for no apparent reason.  We'll watch her like always and treat the fever as needed while letting it run its course.

We called the cabin people and asked them to delay the delivery by a couple of days.  Although we have reached our goal, we still need to clear the whole area for placement and be able to give the driver enough room to turn his truck and trailer around.  Also, going through, we still need to cut down some stumps.  We've done a lot of work, but we still have more work to do.

The people in Gainsville have been wonderful.  Husband went in with his chainsaw because the bar was bent and there was a burr.  it was causing the chain to be thrown and causing a lot of smoke.  We get there and they were closed, but there was still someone there.  They saw him anyway and could have very easily said he needed a new bar.  Instead, they grinded it for a minute and explained a few things.  The guy said "We usually tell our professionals this...."  So in a very short period of time, Husband has been mentally placed in the "professional" category of chainsaw operators.  Considering the fact that we just bought this chainsaw several days ago and it has been worn, this is not surprising.

It is surprising how a lot of the dead wood is actually petrified.  It is HARD and HEAVY.  between that, the hard oak, and the gumminess of the cedar, it is no wonder the chainsaw has been getting worn down.

Anyway, I'm about to lose connection, so I am going to log off.

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