Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I went to the doctor's today with Charlie.  He and I both had "Let's get established appointments" and I am pleased to report that Charlie is healthy as a horse.  His height and weight are both within the 50% so maybe some of the "unhealthy scrawny" comments directed in his general direction will stop.

Because of the strep, the A1c will wait.  Also, the NP wants to see all of us in a couple of weeks for a strep follow-up. 

She asked about Charlie's activity level and was asked if he had chores.  Then I was asked if he has been given financial responsibility (an allowance.)  I said "No.  My children don't get an allowance for doing their chores.  They do, however, get paid for doing something above and beyond."  The nurse (LPN) had said that the allowance thing never worked for her children either.

I had Charlie tested for color blindness because he was seeing olive green as brown and dark blue as black.  According to their test, he is fine.  So, I will let that go for now and just keep an eye on it.

Then my turn came.  I sent Charlie out to the waiting room where Husband sat with the girls.  I mentioned the cryo on my cervix and said that I was supposed to have a follow-up pap every three months for a year.  I also mentioned my lack of thyroid.  I forgot a few other things.  She was not set up to do a pap today so that will be in a couple of weeks when we go for the strep follow-up.  She said something like "I know it's hard with three young ones and I said "Uh, no.  My husband is very good at making sure I get my appointments in and am taking care of myself.  He keeps the children in the waiting room if it is a multiple appointment." 

I was asked about "engaging in marital rights" and said "Our bedroom life goes something like this:
"Or maybe not.""

Then I was asked what birth control method we use and I replied with "Well, after my husband and I had a long discussion, we discovered where the leak was coming from and he went and had it fixed."  She cracked up laughing.

She asked about any weight gain or loss in the past year and I told her "According to your scale, I lost 44 pounds in the time I have been down here.  I am not going to complain."

On the way home from the appointment, we received a phone call.  Cabin number one will be here tomorrow and cabin number two will be here Thursday.  So, we are busting butt trying to get the stumps out.


Anonymous said...

Did your provider really use the term "marital rights"?! I have never heard that before. Did you think it odd?

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Even better, the prelude to your "marital rights" is "Wanna?" "Sure." That cracked me up!!!

Anonymous said...

From SIL-AKA Auntie Barb Charlie is the spitting image of his daddy when he was Charlie's age. Whoever believes Charlie is scrawny hasn't tried to lift him on their lap. I think he has hollow legs because he is always eating. When they were last here he had gained 10 pounds just in the few weeks you'al had been there. Must be eating something right!! See ya soon! Love to all .....Auntie Barb