Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cabin Number One Has Arrived!

Unfortunately, the camera batteries are dead.  Cabin Number Two will be here tomorrow.  I love it.  I am very happy with the cabin and have already removed the protective plastic over the windows and opened them up to fresh air.  Being well shaded up on the ridge and being the highest point on the mountain rather than down in the valley like we have been, it is so much cooler.  If I weren't still running a fever, I'd probably be jumping for joy.

The gentleman used a gas powered motorized mule to bring it on the property.  He seems really nice and he went through before getting the cabin down off the flatbed to see if he could do this.  He said "Yes" and after it was in place, he said "I almost said no to this."  He said this was probably the hardest one he did.  And, he gets to do it again tomorrow.

We have 1/3 of our building!  Tomorrow, we will have 2/3!  We will build the final 1/3!  YAY!  Now, if the nausea could just pass and I could just breathe and have this fever go away, I will be very happy.

I still need to find out what time he will be here tomorrow.

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