Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clarification and normal entry

Clarification:  There has been a lot of talk and back and forth about me "hitting" my kid or maybe hitting another kid.  No child got hit.  I threatened to spank my child, but did not actually do so.  I also have the legal right to spank my child.

Abuse does not include physical discipline of a child if reasonable and moderate and inflicted by a parent or guardian for restraining or correcting a child. Listed as not reasonable or moderate for correcting or restraining: -- Throwing, kicking, burning, biting, cutting, striking with a closed fist, shaking a child under 3, striking or other actions which result in any non-accidental injury to a child less than 18 months, interfering with a child's breathing, threatening a child with a deadly weapon, striking a child on the face, or any other act that is likely to cause bodily harm greater than transient pain or minor temporary marks. [Statute says this is an illustrative and not exclusive list]. Age, size, condition of the child, and the location of the injury and frequency or recurrence of injuries shall be considered in determining "reasonable" or "moderate." Sec. 9-27-303(B).[Ci.] Parent/teacher/guardian/other with care and supervision of a minor may use reasonable and appropriate physical force when and to the extent reasonably necessary to maintain discipline or promote the welfare of the child. Sec. 5-2-605(l).[Cr.] If the belief that the force is necessary is a reckless or negligent belief, than the above offers no defense to a crime if the culpability of that crime is proven by showing recklessness or negligence.
Justification is not available if person recklessly or negligently injured or created a substantial risk of injury to a person. Sec. 5-2-614.[Cr.]

So, while I did not spank MY child, if I had, I would have had every right to not only as his parent, but in the eyes of the law as well.

Now, on to my regular blogging.

The work is going much fast and much smoother with the other family gone.  With the drama gone, we can actually get work done and have fun while doing it.  Everyone is much more relaxed and feeling much less stress. 

We had a downpour last night and it felt wonderful.  Things cooled off a bit and all the dust in the air got knocked down.  There is a chance of rain again today and we are welcoming it.  With the nice breeze, we are able to wok more without feeling overheated.  Yesterday, even though I was drinking a lot of water, I did not pee much.  I sweat it all out.  Since last night's rain, the temperature today is a good 10* cooler.

I also want to share a blessing.  Husband has been working with a faulty chainsaw.  The bar is warped and has not been cutting as well as it could.  Once it gets going, it does ok, but getting it going is tricky.  I went into town today (or I should say I am in town) and went to the bank to check our account balance.  I asked for a print out because the ATM was showing too much money.  I got the print out and went through it and subtracted the two checks that have not gone through and we actually have money for him to get a much needed new chainsaw.  Money we would not have if the other family was still with us.

As we come across stuff and discover things, I get more annoyed.  But, they are who they are and I am thankful they are gone.  The absolute filth they left behind is not something I could have lived with.  It was an issue I thought was left behind in Indiana when we came down here.  But I was wrong about that and other issues that I thought were taken care of, but never was.

Hannah's hand is looking immensely better.  Where the burn was that she broke open now looks like nice healthy fresh pink skin.  There is no more oozing or anything.  I am still putting cream on it and wrapping it to keep it protected, but I don't see a need to do that for more than a couple more days and that is just a playing it safe thing since she is still so small.  When I change the bandage, I have her sit on my lap and leave it open to air now and let it set to fresh air.  Then I take her thumb and guide her through movement checking for mobility issues.  In all honesty, I am not seeing any kind of issue or even any scar tissue from it.  God has definitely looked out for her.


Dana said...

Brandie said again that she misses your kids more than she misses candy! (For the record, she had a tootsie roll this afternoon. lol) Sorry things didn't work out with the other family. I'll try to give you a call soon! Give the kids a hug from us!


Dana said...

Oh, and I found a bar of hemp soap this afternoon and was SO EXCITED!



mmpaints said...

Kim, I'm glad for you that the stress is less. I know how hard it can be on the soul. Good for Hannah! Kept her in my prayers for a quick recovery. hang in there, everything will work itself out. The rain was awesome, wasn't it? We got a quickie here today and it cooled it off real nice. Glad it wasnt a repeat of yesterdays downpour. You can quit sending us rain now, LOL.


oregonmama said...

The issue was never if it was legal to hit your child. Your arguement is flawed.
It is about if it is right. Making the threat to hit is just as bad.
You are busy handing out LLL information in one hand and the other is raised to strike your child.
You can not have it both ways. Either you are an attached family or not.

Anonymous said...

IF YOU DONT LIKE HER... OR WHATEVER...... I HAVE AN IDEA, STOP READING THE BLOG!!! Wow! Havent thought of that, huh?

Wyatt Earp said...

Oregon Mama - Shouldn't you be back under your bridge, troll?

Anonymous said...

*snort* LMAO and then gives a standing o to Wyatt!