Friday, June 11, 2010

Charlie and Bethany blogged this morning.  Hannah is asleep in her seat, so she will blog later. 

The chainsaw had a small snag yesterday so we went back to the store and found out is was a faulty ball bearing so they replaced it for free no problem. 

We're going down the road right now on the way back home and it is pouring out.  I looked out the side window and there is a little girl about 7 or 8 years old jumping and playing in the rain.  I had to smile.  That is so much like my children.  They love to play in the rain and mud.  It is such a normal child thing that I encourage it.  I find the amount of mud that they get covered in to be both amusing and disgusting, but it is a laundry issue.  Children are washable.  Clothing is washable.  A child's natural spirit to play in the rain and mud will not last forever, so why squelch it? 

There is a radio station here that we listen to once in a while that has a morning "soap box" that I have heard a couple of times that I liked.  So I looked it up on line and found all his "soap boxes."  It is very interesting reading.

While I was at the county library the other day, I had asked about handicapped accessibility.  There is none and there is no money.  I also don't see any money becoming available anytime soon either.  I have a feeling if the county were to suddenly get money, it would be for a second ambulance (there is only one fore the whole county) before any of it went to upgrading the library or getting a new building for it.

Emergency services for this area.  One ambulance.  Four air evac helicopters.  Nearest emergency rooms are over an hour away.  The nearest town is just over 10 miles away and has a population of either 235 or 259 depending upon which way you come into town.  The pharmacy is not open on week-ends and the doctors office has limited hours.  Where we go, there is "urgent care" that is open until 6:00 week-days and closed on week-ends, however, there is a helicopter landing pad.  The fire department is 100% volunteer and the nearest town has one police officer.  (The sheriff lives in this area, though and him and his wife are wonderful people.) 

Theoretically, we will have 911 by the end of the year.  However, there is only one person who works the e-911 office and she is responsible not only for all the office work, but also mapping out the areas that still need 911 service.  That means driving the area herself and seeing it all to assign 911 addresses.

We are ok with this.  It is one of the things that attracted us to this place.  We are hoping to meet the other homeschool family that lives about a mile from us further down on the peninsula.  (Someone else with that whole Arkansas resident with Missouri address thing and everything else we live with here.)  From what I understand, they also raise their own food, their electricity is solar, and they are vegetarians.  I am really looking forward to meeting them especially with some of the homeschooling questions I have. 

If our children went to public school, they would be going to Missouri.  But we live in Arkansas.  So who do we report to?  Missouri or Arkansas?  Minor things like that.


leschornmom said...

Kim, If I were you I wuld just stop responding to the Anonymous person. You're doing fine! Just smile and know that you are loved!

Anonymous said...

George,Kim, Charlie, Beth, and Hannah, 'tis me SIL aka Auntie Barb,
Went to the Hematologist today and found out to have blood work for procedures straightened out so I can get the EGD and Rotorooter done. Found out that all the way along there has been a heredity factor that has caused the clotting disorder. It is caused Protein C/Proteins S deficiency. do do not remember th

Anonymous said...

'Tis me continued. the previous note wouldn't let me say anymore. Anyway, I do not remember them ever telling me this either in Indy or her in good ole TH. So no matter what I will be on Coumadin permanently. I will be glad to see everyone. Maybe you can figure out how to reply to the kid's blogs without getting the error messages. Tell the little buggers to have fun and don't eat the mud. Eating dirt is called Pica and is usually from anemia and we wouldn't want to start another round from anon. Love and hugs to all. P.S. I agree with Leschornmom.

Anonymous said...

ALERT/DISCLAIMER; Oops by signing Anonymous I realized that some of your followers might think I am the Anonymous that plays the devils advocate. I sign my notes that I go to send it the error message comes up. It doesn't if i use the anon key. thats why I start with "'tis me"
Hope this clears everything up. Love you guys. 'tis me aka Auntie Barb

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Hi, Kim, my mom has that protein C/S deficiency thing, too that Auntie Barb has. She was on cumadin but nearly lost an arm due to bleeding internally, so she is not on it now. Has had two heart attacks due to clots going through the heart. So, tell Auntie Barb to be careful. Mom says it is in the genes, so family members should be tested.

I was trying to figure out how close you are to the area where they had the horrible flooding. I'm guessing you are safe.