Monday, June 28, 2010

Another non-internet blog entry

Another internetless blog entry. I did stop long enough earlier today to check my e-mail, but had no time to actually do a blog entry.
First, I want to comment on another “Anonymous” troll and her comment about having the nursing mom at the pool covering up an infant with a towel or blanket while nursing. Forgetting the fact that being “on the side of the lifeguard” has her on the side of illegal and telling a mom to cover up (she was not asked to cover up, she was asked to leave) is against the law, a mom covering a nursing infant poses health hazards to the infant.
Keep in mind a few things. “Having her boob out” is also having her “boob” more hidden by a nursing infant than the “woman” I saw playing basketball yesterday with her black string bikini. Are you going to tell the basketball player to cover up? She’s showing more flesh than a topless woman would while breastfeeding. (Yes, I have seen many, many women topless while breastfeeding. It comes with the territory for me.)
Health hazards: The temperatures are near 100* with heat index in the triple digits. Cover your entire body head to toe with a blanket while being outside in that heat. Now, eat while being covered. How’s the breathing? By the way, infants respond to heat exhaustion by sleeping while getting hotter. Oh, isn’t it sweet having that sleeping infant at the breast while covered by a blanket during a dangerous heat wave. I wonder how long the baby has before she dies because YOU don’t feel like seeing a baby nurse. SHAME ON YOU! GET OVER YOURSELF AND REALIZE THAT BOOBS ARE MEANT TO FEED A BABY, NOT TOYS FOR GUYS TO OGGLE OR USED TO SELL BEER, RAZORS, AND CARS! BEFORE YOU DECIDE IT’S OK TO HARRASS A MOTHER FEEDING HER CHILD AND GETTING UP IN ARMS OVER WHAT MIGHT BE SEEN, HARRASS TEEN-AGERS FOR RUNNING AROUND NEAR NAKED! OR BETTER YET, TELL MEN TO COVER UP. Beer belly is not attractive. Put a shirt on.
If I forget to put links in reflecting the dangers of babies being covered while nursing, do your own research. I’m once again blogging off line and will do a copy and paste next time I am near my “internet accessibility source.”
In goat news, Elenna came back this morning. She is severely emaciated and has a few injuries. The injuries don’t look severe. The emaciation worries me because she could end up with a twisted bowel.
In tree cutting news, God is good. He shoved my husband out of the way when a tree came down the wrong way. Our truck is badly damaged. The back window is blown out and the roof is caved. I’ll get pictures tomorrow. Basically, a tree came down the wrong way. A storm cell came through with high gusting winds and the tree which was set to go one way came down a different way. Right for my husband. It was a very large oak.
So, when the driver comes tomorrow to bring the other cabin, I am going to tell him that “Look, you got the other cabin in. Get this one in. THAT is the result of continued cutting and widening of the path. The cabin fits down the path. It just takes a bit of wiggling. Deal with it.” I am done with my husband cutting for a good long while. He also had multiple seizures (3 back to back) earlier today. I am very concerned about his health with him going at the pace he has been going. Thankfully once the other cabin is in place, the massive hard work on his body should let up. I say should because I know my husband. I love him dearly. He pushes himself too hard and too far and pays a severe price. I am not even asking him what his pains levels are because I know what the answer will be. And it will be followed by “It’s just pain.” Yeah and I am “just” your wife and I love and care about you and you need to rest once in a while! (This is followed with a “I’ll rest when I’m dead” comment which usually gets a dirty look from me.)
I know why he is doing this. I know we’ve had deadlines. Thankfully once the cabin is in tomorrow, we can do away with tight deadlines and just stick with “Before winter, we’ll have interior walls up, etc.”
Bethany amazed me again earlier today. We have a philosophy we live by. “Honest, Faithful, and True.” The children recite it on occasion. Today, Bethany asked what it meant. So, we talked about it for a few minutes and here is basically how it went.
Me: Honest. It means we don’t lie, steal, cheat, or live like hypocrites. We live how we believe. We don’t tell people “Don’t cuss” and go around using bad words all day long for example.
Bethany: So we don’t take stuff and we don’t lie. Lying is bad and so is stealing.
Me: That’s right.
Bethany: So we be good people. Not bad people.
Me: Very good.
Bethany: What’s faithful?
Me: It means being faithful to God.
Bethany: What does it mean to be faithful to God?
(This child can ask the simplest questions and yet it can also be very profound. What does faithfulness to God mean? Am I 100% faithful? This is going through my head triggered by a simple question.)
Me: It means living life as God would have us live. Doing what God wants us to do in or everyday lives.
Bethany: So like listening to you and Dad and being nice to Charlie and Hannah?
Me: That’s a start.
Then we went into other conversations.
At the Laundromat today, there was a lady there who had Bethany occupied for a good long time. I have never seen all her energy so focused into one thing. The lady was spinning using a drop spindle. She showed Bethany how to do it then set her up with a spare one she had and got Bethany working on a pretty good strand of yarn using wool that had been dyed a light blue. Bethany loved it and she did very well. The lady is going to put something together for her including her own drop spindle and keep in in the car for the next time she sees me. I am going to look into the local spinning guild for Bethany. Although Bethany will be the only child (I will be there) this is an art she has a natural talent for and really enjoyed. If she can continue with this and keep going while learning from other spinners, this will be wonderful. We’ll even get fiber goats for her if she wants. I am very excited for her and for her natural talent. She got even more excited when I told her she was doing something I had never done before and she is learning how to do something I don’t know


Michelle in Illinois said...

awww, how exciting for Bethany! I can't wait to see some pics of her projects when she learns enough to share something she has made.

Anonymous said...

That's very exciting for Bethany! I am inspired by the way you encourage your children to find and develop their natural talents.

fuzzys dad said...

Tell your husband to SLOW DOWN!
Congratulations Bethany

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Maybe Bethany can learn to spin some alpaca yarn. Then you can raise some alpaca!