Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am liking Missouri!

We just got stopped.  Husband was speeding.  Officer Friendly asked for license and proof of insurance.  Husband says "I have a pistol on my side and I am reaching for my wallet which is on the same side." 
Officer:  "You got a carry permit?"
Husband:  "Yes, I do" as he hands over the license and I am rifling through the papers to look for proof of insurance.  (I'm ready to call up my online account to show proof of payment.)
Hannah has been woken up and is crying in the back seat.
Officer:  "If you don't mind, could you remove the clip and we can keep the gun on the hood for now?"
Husband:  "Sure.  No problem."  Husband pulls out his gun, removes the clip, removes the chambered round, shows it unloaded, empty chambered to the officer, and hands it over." 
Officer places the unloaded gun on the hood leaving the clip on the dash, takes the license back to his patrol vehicle (proof of insurance is as of yet unlocated) and I am at this point climbing out of the truck (keep in mind it is well after midnight and most people who are out are from proms and drunk driving or are "unsavory" people) to get to Hannah to pull her out and hold her for a few minutes to calm her down.  I asked her if she had to pee and she said "No.  I want you to hold me."  (This was in a typical 3 year old just woken up little girl whine voice which is totally understandable.)  Giving her the comfort she needs as she is snuggling against me, she pipes up with her little voice "I want to see the police officer."
Turning her so she can see him, I point him out and say "There is the police officer."  She picks up her head and smiles, puts her head back down, and snuggles in to me a bit more.
Officer:  "Hi, Sweetheart.  I didn't mean to frighten you.  I'm about to let you go."
Officer to Husband:  "Here is your license back.  I stopped you for doing 66 in a 55.  These are oversized tires?  They can sometimes throw a speedometer off."  He then went on to explain that he had a similar situation with a vehicle of his that had oversized tires.  Handing my husband his gun back, he says "Thank you for supporting guns."
A really nice officer who is also a realist when it comes to families, trucks, and guns.  A young, all-American kinda guy.

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