Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful Day

We have been witness to the most amazing thing today.  Blue skies and sunshine.  It is gorgeous.  I love it.  I want to bottle it.
We had pancakes for breakfast and after breakfast was done, I made some granola.  The pancakes got cooked on the wood stove as did the granola.
All the goats got examine today (except Zorro - dumb goat) before being set loose this morning.  We had a death Sunday morning.  Our buck was up, moving, etc, then all of a sudden, he was down and dead.  I don't know if he got gored or head butted to hard or what.  Just to be safe, we did full exams to check out the other goats.  Patches doesn't look good, but hopefully she will be fine.  She has two kids both of whom are nursing.
I am attending my first LLL meeting in Missouri.  I am excited to make contact with other moms and leaders and find out about the different activities and groups in south central Missouri.

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Anonymous said...

if you are feeding hay, check it for mold. Do not feed male goats alfalfa hay.. it is too hot.
call the local feed store and see what shots they recommend.
Get a mineral block for your goats also.