Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Two

Will it rain or won't it? I love the vagueness of weather reports around here. As for work that has been done today, we tarped the top of the abandoned trailer and are converting it into a kitchen/workshop. The canopy is now our "home" with the waterproof roof and walls. We tarped the ground and have cots and a mattress. The children have cots and we have a mattress. It is a definite improvement over the chair I have been not sleeping in. And, since Hannah still joins us in bed during the night, she climbs up in my lap while I am in the lawn chair.
Two days of little sleep and working hard and no Levothyroxine until this morning when I unpacked it made for a very cranky me. Cranky me combined with childhood trauma/drama made for a very irritable me. This is definitely more than just an adventure in the physical realm, but in the emotional and spiritual realm as well. I am great at giving advice, but lousy at taking it. I know what I should do and how I should respond, but I havent't been. There is a lot of work to been done, so I don't have time to coddle every situation. However that does not mean I have to snap either.
Anyway, I am going to set up a blog for Charlie and B (the 9 year old boy of the family who is doing this with us) so they can record their take on everything as we go along. My next post will include a link to Charlie's blog and with parental consent, B's blog.

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Michelle in Illinois said...

It will be interesting to read this from a child's perspective. It all reminds me of Little House on the Prairie, when they are moving and settling their new home. Of course, you won't have Indians to deal with ;) Can't wait to see pics!