Friday, April 23, 2010

Day Four

I tried blogging yesterday but didn't get a chance to go up the hill, sit, and blog. I did, however, get Charlie to write out his first entry. He just needs to type it in so it can be posted.
I took a much needed nap today after lunch. I was exhausted and needed to rest. We're in town right now and took showers (which feels lovely) and are filling up water jugs thanks to a convenience store that allows for people to use there garden hose. Lack of rain has made the creek run dry. We've been going to get rain for several days now and so far any rain we have gotten has just been a few sprinkles. We need a good soaking rain so we have water. Once we get a good rain, we can evaluate the creek again and see where to build the dam.
Later this evening, I will take Charlie up the hill and have him do his official blog. Husband has pictures to upload. We are going back to camp so I will be losing internet here so I will sign off.


Amy W. said...

Can't wait to read Charlie's blog.
Miss you all!

Laura said...

Well, I just checked the weather map and there is a good chance you are getting rain right now since half Arkansas is covered. Hope it brings you water!

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Worried about you today wondering if you are in the area where they said you could have bad tornadoes. Hope you got the water you need. Kiss the children!