Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breastfeeding Breaks

Well, something good came out of the healthcare reform nightmare. Places now have to give breaks to nursing moms so they can pump. It is already a law in Indiana and now, it is national.
What strikes me as funny is in Indiana, the only "requirement" for break scheduling is for minors and people seem to forget the 2008 law to accommodate nursing mothers. Not only do they have to provide breaks, they have to provide a place to pump that is not a bathroom. This is tricky with places like McDonald's and other fast food places because of the general attitude and treatment of crew members. Well, now when they violate state law, they are also violating federal law. Indiana workforce in general stinks. Employment is "at will" and breaks are not guaranteed even if you do work 15 hours straight. So having these laws in place will at the very least (hopefully) pave the way for employers to start treating employees with a little bit of respect and not treat them like garbage.
On the other hand, if the nightmare of the healthcare reform is repealed, Indiana still has the law in place. It's sad that there have to be laws in place for people to be treated like human beings.
As for the healthcare reform bill, it is going to hurt more people than it helps. What do I think should have happened? Health insurance reform. Put an end to denying pre-existing conditions, put a cap on what people can sue doctors for, and keep the gov't out of it. Indiana has already stopped accepting new applications for state health care because of healthcare reform passing. And, I am sure the nightmarish situations are just beginning. There have been a LOT of commercials talking about how great the healthcare bill is. If it is so great, why are you still trying to sell it to us?

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Michelle in Illinois said...

They have to sell it still because elections are coming up. If people are still unhappy about it passing by then, the Dems stand to lose a lot of people in office, which will hinder future votes on other big issues.