Sunday, March 14, 2010


That is pretty much my emotional state right now. I've been doing a lot of joking to try to deal with the chaos that is my life. (I thought 2010 was supposed to be better?)
I went through some of the medical files from Husband where it states that he needs care. I also printed out the blog entries from when I was working at McDonald's and the results of that. I also redid our budget to include child support payments even though I will never catch up. Interest and penalty that compounds daily pretty much guarantees that.
Thankfully, Husband's income is protected by law so they can't just take everything leaving us with nothing and no means of supporting this family.
If I am ordered to get a job, I will do what I have to. It is infinitely preferable to jail. We have been looking at every scenario we can think of, but until tomorrow, I know nothing. Can I just say I am really hating this right now.
I am also feeling very hurt and let down and abandoned by someone who I turned to for help. I had asked for help and have been left out in the cold.


Charlotte said...

I'm praying for you and your family. Hope you get the answers you need today. Charlotte

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about what has been going on with you so far this year, Kim. :-(

After the 2009 you had, you really needed some positives for 2010.

You're in my thoughts and I hope you go before the judge and darnitall, give him/her the whole story, including how you and George began and the circumstances that dictated you being at that point. Show the scar if needs be. Medical records if you can get them.

Bother it all. Grrrr.

Michelle in Illinois said...

I think medical records are a good idea, but at the same time, I was amazed when I went to court for custody and support how LITTLE the judge wanted to hear about anything... it's pretty much cut and dry, this is what you owe, this is what you pay, what are you doing to accomplish that, see ya later.

The CS payments only really get any type of boost from tax returns or from the sale of property/cars, if they have a lien on them. Are there any jobs you can do from home that would allow you to stay there with the kids and George? I'm trying to think myself, but given the location, I'm not sure what would work. Perhaps your own business selling produce, eggs, etc? There must be something you could do, and knowing how resourceful you are, I think you can figure something out.

If you need an ear or need any advice,etc. let me know. Praying!

Anonymous said...

Forced to get a job? You really have no interest in providing for these children, do you?!

Mrs. Hoppes said...

That last "Anonymous" comment came from someone on Sybermoms which means someone trolled my blog, linked to a message board, and are having a blast talking about it and most likely trashing me. Since I am incapable of reading the thread, here is the link so those with an active sybermoms account can look at it.

By the way, the "Anonymous" is from the Carnegie, Pennsylvania area, uses Safari browser, has a Mac, uses Verizon internet, and I also have the IP address on hand. Yet, she is too much of a coward to leave her name.

This tells me that she does not know me or she would know I tried working and the disasterous results that happened with this family.

Anonymous said... is full ol' bitter divorced cougars who use their "parenting" board to bully people so they can feel good about themselves.
It's rather pathetic over "there."

Don't take it personal, consider the source. ;)

Anonymous said...

The "anon" person who left you a comment from Sybermoms is from someone named "Yummy" over there.
She can't have children, and is VERY bitter towards people who can easily have them.
She doesn't care you're "not supporting your kids" she just cares you can get pregnant! (lol)
Ignore the Canadian Fool.

Anonymous said...

..speaking of cowardly anonymous people...ROFL.