Thursday, March 25, 2010

Days are flying

It's hard to believe it's already Thursday. The days are going by fast. I'm still waiting for kidding. I looked at the goats yesterday and I'm getting impatient. I know they are going to kid soon, I just don't know when. Frenchie is staying close to the house so hopefully that is another sign that she will give us babies soon.
Yesterday, we did some bill paying and shopping. I got the April menu done and picked up most of the stuff we will need. Husband will butcher Zorro and grind him up so we can have meatloaf and meatballs. Other menu items include burgers, chicken, and vegetarian meals.
We got the tires on the truck replaced. They were in bad shape. We couldn't put it off any longer. In replacing the tires, it was discovered that the front driver ball joint is bad. We picked up the part last night, but discovered that a friend of ours does not have the tools to replace it. So, Husband is now on the phone to try to get it replaced without costing a fortune.
In May, we will be looking to replace the erg valve on the van. The gas mileage is getting worse. The pay off balance for the van is now under $5000. (This is according to my calculations. I could be completely off.) So, soon we will own the van outright. It makes me happy. I also cleaned out the van the other day in anticipation of bill paying and errand running and it was nice to not have to shove junk out of the way to find room to put stuff. Or seat people.
I had Charlie with me yesterday and as we were going down the street, we were doing multiplication math drills, naming the states, and naming the books of the Bible. He has the books down pat, so I am going to start working on disciples with him. In reading the Bible, he is now is 1 Corinthians.
I've started Bethany on copying from the Bible the same way I did Charlie when he started copy work. She is still working on Genesis 1:1. Yesterday, we were outside and she said "God made the moon and trees and sky and birds." I said "That's right. That's pretty neat, huh?" She said "Yeah, and He made the grass and the sun and EVERYTHING! And, He made me!" When I told her that makes her pretty special, she said "Yeah. I'm special."

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We would love to come see the babies when they get here.