Friday, February 19, 2010


The wii has definitely been getting used. I spent over an hour on it today alone and the children enjoy it. I also have a friend and her children on the wii fit as "guests." I am really enjoying the work-outs and having the family involved. The children have a blast with it and I can see where they have a lack of stability and coordination. While common with children, it gives a focus on where and how they can work on this. Charlie has no center of balance and his coordination is non-existent. What is funny is when I put Charlie in and had him stand on the board and do the balance test, it asked "Do you trip a lot when you walk?" I laughed because it is so true. He trips over his own two feet.
Hannah is not allowed to have a wii points thing or whatever it's called because of her age. All of them on the BMI shows them to be perfectly healthy. (Mine it the top of the obese chart and would probably go off screen if it could.)
I will have to say that this is definitely a good investment.

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