Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some work got done

Although today is Sunday, I did do some work today. There is lots of work needed done and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful spring-like day that God gave us. I picked up some downed branches in the yard as well as some garbage and got it burning. I did a bit of cleaning in the barn and did some raking. The raking is going to take several days at the very least. It is horrible out there. Months of neglect due to not living here has made the outside very sad looking. Even before we had to leave, we couldn't do a whole lot outside because of the construction workers. So, I am trying to take advantage of warm weather and get stuff done that I can.
Tomorrow is homeschool day at the library and I need to figure out what I am going to do. Although going from the 50s today to a high of 33* tomorrow should prove inspirational, it isn't.
Tomorrow night is the Pinewood Derby and Charlie's car isn't done yet. Hopefully, he and Husband can work on it tonight. Also, since the snack person hasn't been around the past few meetings, I am wanting to make something for the meeting. Maybe I'll make some cookies or something. Simple, easy, fast, and generally well liked. That with some juice boxes should do the trick.
Well, I need to go check the upstairs and make sure the rooms are clean so I can vacuum. The girls brought sugar up to their room and spilled it making a huge mess. Fun.

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Anonymous said...

I have some wheat flour and oats if you are thinking about cookies. LOL honestly though I have had a very bad flue type virus and still have the sore throat, cough and post nasal rapids (drip couldn't begin to describe it) Dr. Eplin put me on Z-Pak. Feel like putting a quarantine poster on my front door.