Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Update

This is a seven day reading.
This week’s reading: 92209
Usage: 1209kwh
Average Daily: 173kwh putting us at 574% of the average American. We have dropped again and I know we can drop more. I just need to work a little harder on some things.
Plant: I had to replant the peas because my darling children dumped the pot upside down while fighting. I also got some green beans planted. I plan to plant tomatoes and green peppers. What I am planting now will not go in the ground in the spring. It will remain container gardening. Ground planting will happen in a couple of more months.
Harvest: Nothing is harvestable right now. With all the rain, we can’t even get to where we think the chickens are laying.
Reduce waste/manage preserves: Clothes and toys got distributed. Hats, mittens, and shoes have been organized. Recycling is set up.
Preparation/storage: Due to Husband falling, we are teaching the children to use the cell phone and call for help.
Build community food system: Nothing new going on here.
Eat the food (Try new recipes): I tried a few new recipes that the children seem to enjoy.
I am going to drop this since it fits in with “Reduce Waste” up in the IDC section.
We put $40 in the truck. I don’t know how many gallons, but at least it’s not sitting on “E” anymore.
We had to buy a truck part this past week and buying it online was tons cheaper than buying it from the dealer (the only place we could get it locally) and it looks like we will get more of our parts from these people.
We‘ve gone from marsh to I am about ready to plant rice. Or start giving swimming lessons. I haven’t decided yet.
Charlie has gotten more focused on his school work and we have started a unit study on Native American tribes. Since Miamis are from Indiana, we have started with them. I found a wonderful site that is full of great information. It is very detailed, very honest, and very balanced. It doesn’t come across as “White Superiority” with the slant of “the whites came and tamed these savage people” while not pulling the “White Guilt” crap that a lot of history books pull. “The Native Americans were a wonderful, peaceful people who lived in harmony until the white man came across the ocean and butchered them all.”
Get the truck supplies done. - We had to get parts and now that we got them and the truck is running again, I can do this.
Get some more work in the basement done. - Once we take a trip to the recycling place, much of the broken stuff sitting in a corner in the basement will be taken care of. I did get the toys gone that were too young for my children and pass them on.
Get roosters butchered. - Husband has been sick this past week and I have been busy. He got the stomach virus again.
Get at least one goat butchered. - See above.
Finalize updating control journal. - I just have a couple more things to do and it will be done.
Plant more vegetables
Start cleaning front yard. (As long as the temperatures cooperate.)
Get some bread baked.
Start on garage. (Temperature dependent.)
ROOSTERS and GOATS! (husband - hint, hint)

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