Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Update

This is a six day reading.
This week’s reading: 9100
Usage: 1218kwh
Average Daily: 203kwh putting us at 674% of the average American. While it has dropped a (very) little bit, it is still up from where I was hoping. We used the dryer quite a bit this past week due to a fried doing laundry here. Her washer froze so she couldn’t do laundry and rather than have her hauling home wet clothes, we just threw them in the dryer.
Plant: I got some peas planted. I am hoping they start germinating soon.
Harvest: Now that we have warmer weather, hopefully the eggs will be harvestable.
Reduce waste/manage preserves: Nothing new going on here. I have clothes that the children outgrew going to friends. There are also toys that are going to go to a friend that my children outgrew.
Preparation/storage: The basement got cleaned. The next step is getting the storm shelter back together.
Build community food system: I am still working on barter systems with people. I need to figure out a balanced barter system.
Eat the food (Try new recipes): I have some crockpot recipes that I have been trying that the children seem to be enjoying.
The recycling will get set up this week.
I filled the van up again this week and the gas mileage is greatly improved. Not great, but greatly improved. 17mpg.
We did much better on money this week. I did spend more than I intended, but I was at a hospital with a friend and subject to hospital cafeteria prices.
The great thaw has come. Everything is one huge muddy marsh. I am thankful for my mud boots. I can go outside, sink in the mud, and keep my feet warm and dry.
Charlie is doing better with his math. Now his reading comprehension seems to have gone away. What is going on with him? Gaaah!
Bethany has learned how to read. Granted it is at the “Hop on Pop” level, but she has learned how to read!
Get the truck supplies done. - Uuuhhhhh
Get some vegetables planted. - PEAS! I planted peas!
Get my control journal updated - This deserves its own blog entry. Needless to say, I have done quite a bit with this.
Get started on cleaning out the garage. (Temperature dependent.) - It is just now, over the past couple of days, warming up.
Get the truck supplies done.
Get some more work in the basement done.
Get roosters butchered.
Get at least one goat butchered.
Finalize updating control journal.
Get recycling set up.

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