Friday, January 15, 2010

Control Journal

The Control Journal is something I try to make a point of updating once every six months or so. While the majority of the information does not change, there are some things that do.
So, what is a CJ? For us, it is a central spot of all important information. If we had to leave due to say a fire (or black mold) or there was an evacuation, this is one of the things that would get grabbed first. It is also where we go for account numbers and phone numbers to things like the electric company, phone company, VA, CHAMPVA, etc.
It also holds our routines, chore charts, schedules, etc. Needless to say, it is a very important three ring binder.
Some of the things that go in the CJ are important medical information. There is a page for each one of us (and all pages are in page protectors.) Each page has:
NAME : Jane Doe
SS# 123-45-6789
DOB: 1/2/34
DOCTOR NAME &NUMBER: Dr. Spock (317) 555-1234
INSURANCE PHONE NUMBER 1-800-good luck talking to a human
MEDICAL PROBLEMS: Diabetic, Seizures
MEDICATIONS: Insulin, Synthroid
ALLERGIES (in red): Bee Stings, Milk
SPECIAL NOTES: Breastfed, Pregnant, Breastfeeding
There is another page as I already mentioned that has general contact info which is helpful for power outages, low water pressure, or just needing to call the mortgage company. This is my "Business contacts" page.
Duke Energy - Account Number - Phone Number
Water Company - Account Number - Phone Number
Part of my routine I adopted from Fly Lady and adapted to my own home. While I find her annoying, I found some of the ideas helpful. I don't dress to lace-up shoes (I wear crocks) and my sink does not shine. (It's porcelain.) But breaking the house down into "zones" to allow for the detailed cleaning, I like. That along with the daily chores keeps this house only mildly chaotic.
I did something the other day that I think will help with the children staying on task and me keeping from repeating myself. I printed out things that I expect from each room in the house, cut them to size, mounted them on black construction paper, taped over all of it with clear packaging take (to keep them protected) and put them up in spots where they can see them:
Make Bed
Pick up room
Bring down dirty clothes, empty hangers.
Vacuum Room
Change Sheets
That is in each of the bedrooms. There is also one for the livingroom, kitchen, each of the bathrooms, etc. ZONE TWO is my adapted Fly Lady zone. That is the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, balcony, stairs, and landing. It includes things like washing windows, curtains, light fixtures, sorting closets, etc. It gives each area of the house a detail cleaning that would otherwise get ignored and breaks it up into 15-30 minute increments.
So anyway, I am almost done with updating it. Some of the stuff I have to start all over with because I had all of it saved on my old computer and laptop so any updating was just a matter of point, click, quick type, and done. Now, I am having to do all of it from scratch including the formatting. But, as I said, I am almost done.

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