Friday, October 16, 2009

Sick Children

Hannah was very sick last night.  She had a fever and was not breathing too well.  Although her fever was only 100.5, with her normally low temperature, it was the equivalent of being around 103.  Although the fever broke during the night, she still sounds quite congested.  

Bethany is congested as well and I'm waiting for her to spike a fever.  I've been sneezing and trying to hold off being sick.  I don't have time.  I have Covered Bridge this week-end and have to be in Indianapolis on Sunday.  This stinks.

Charlie has three loose teeth and he is not wanting them pulled.  He feels rather attached to his teeth and thinks that them falling out means something is wrong despite our explanations to the contrary.  "This is normal.  Your arm is not going to fall off.  Your toes are not going to fall off.  Your eyes are not going to fall out of your head.  Just your teeth and new ones grow in."  We went through this last year when he lost two teeth.  But nothing had happened since then and he may have blocked the whole issue.  Who knows.

Charlie has done his school work and so has the girls.  My ride is here so I need to get going.

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