Saturday, October 17, 2009

Covered Bridge Failure

This was the final week-end of Covered Bridge.  It was a complete and total failure.  This was also the last Saturday for DTFM.  We did a little better there.  I am going to be researching upcoming Christmas Festivals and stuff so that we can work through the holidays.  I also have an idea for a display which I described for Husband so hopefully he can make something.

Hannah was throwing up earlier today so I am keeping an eye on her and am not going to allow her to go to church tomorrow.  I am probably going to allow Bethany to go since she seems to be feeling tons better.

We did get news that the contractors will be done with our home in about a week or two.  Not that we will be ready to move back right away.  We have our own clean-up to do.  But, they should be done.  The mud for our bedroom is not drying very well.  So while they are waiting on that, they are working on the deck and the chimney will be last.

I am liking having the separate blog for homeschooling.  It is allowing me to see exactly what we are doing.  It will definitely help in the long run with keeping track and seeing where we need more focus and allow me to build on where the children are excelling.  It will also show me if there are any obvious gaps that need to be addressed.  Granted, this is just the first few days of it.  Let's see how well I follow through.

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