Monday, October 19, 2009

Cafe World

Cafe World on Facebook is annoying and addicting. I need more serving counters but am not allowed to have any more yet. We'll see what happens when I have three counters and four dinners.

In real life, we are going to be at Girl Scouts on Saturday selling our soap. We will be setting up on Saturday. This means making sure I am organized ahead of time. (And making sure we have money for change.) This driving back and forth to take care of the animals everyday plus the going back and forth to Bloomingdale for the failed Covered Bridge has really hurt us financially.

In day-to-day stuff, we spent the morning doing school work and Charlie has started learning how to make change. He has also started on state capitals. All these days of counting out money has led up to learning to make change and spending his time learning the states and their locations moved him onto learning the capitals.
Bethany is still doing simple math. I think she is ready to add up to 10 rather than the 5 she has been doing. She is also doing well with her reading and is almost ready for her own library card.

Hannah knows her colors very well and is still learning to count past ten. She also needs work on number identification.


Anonymous said...

I love the games on FB toooo much. Cafe World is my new game and I waiting now for food to get done so I can serve it. lol

Anonymous said...

I am hooked on farkle