Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Official

I went in and spoke with B and told her I quit.  We went into the playroom and talked.  She tried to make concessions about reduced hours and the switch to nights and it wasn't even about that.  It is about respect and the lack there of.  I saw very little and told B that when I started, I had respect for S.  That got lost.  I know I created a huge bulls-eye on my back when I spoke with D, the owner, about S's lack of management skills and that came back to bite me.  But as we all know, I am not one to remain quiet when I see a wrong.

Anyway, I told B that I was quitting and I almost wavered.  But, Husband was there and kept me quit.  I did enjoy the job and the customer interaction.  I just did not enjoy the other garbage that went along with it.  My health was getting affected and so what Husband's.  So, it is over.

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