Saturday, August 1, 2009

Still dropping the ball

I see that I missed a Friday Update yet again.  To be fair, I am still very tired and I am sick.  I've been fighting a cold and running a fever for a few days now.  I am working tomorrow, but have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off.  I was scheduled to work Monday, but reminded B (the person that does the scheduling) that I do not work the first Monday of the month.  She looked at her calendar book, saw my name listed for not working that day and said she would take me off the schedule.  As of today, I was still on the schedule, so I mentioned it to S (store manager) and was told by someone else to find someone to fill in for me.  

Why should I?  I put my request in and it was granted, but because of a "locked schedule" she didn't check to make sure that it followed a promise that was made.  Either way, I asked P if she would work for me and she said yes.  I was scheduled to work lobby and P is another lobby person.

Anyway, with that straightened out, I will have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off.  Then I work Thursday, have Friday off, then work Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Farmer's Market was ok this morning.  I am going to have George check out the farmer's market in Rockville next Saturday to find out what it is like there.  There is just too much drama at this one.  I like being there, but there is a lot of interpersonal drama that goes with it.  We will finish out the season, but are going to be looking other places for next year.  Another thing I am thinking of is not doing a farmer's market next year, but leaving the season open so we could do fairs and festivals.

I did get some good deals, though.  I got 16+ pounds of green beans for $25.  (Other tables were selling them for $2.25/lb.)  I also got cucumbers at a quarter a piece. then went to a different table where they had them for a dime a piece.  So I now have tons of cucumbers and will be making pickles.  I also have 17 red onions I got for a dime a piece.  I was pleased with the prices this week.  I am still under impressed with the price of corn at $4.00/dz.  So, I have not gotten corn yet.


Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Have you considered doing the covered bridge festival in Rockville in October -- Rockville, Mansfield, or nearby?

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Oh, wait, never mind. That's 10 days and with your job, that wouldn't be feasible for you and George. Duh! Sorry.

K. Wilkerson said...

She had a good idea, I hear that Bridgeton is booming with Covered Bridge Stuff each year, guess they are the next big (little) place to have a booth. As far as worked is concerned, just request it off and say that you won't be available. You never know, you may do so well you won't have to go back. S has to understand that you have a business that helps supplement your income. Also with as many new people we have hired, I'm sure that someone can cover for you. Just my thoughts on it.