Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A few busy days

Let's see.  The last time I blogged, it was Saturday.  Since then, we have had church, I worked Sunday night, and I had last night, tonight, and tomorrow night off.

Yesterday, the farrier came and the hooves are looking much better.  Snowball's front hooves will need a lot of work, but she is looking better.  The farrier's main focus was getting Snowball balanced and opening up the hooves to expose the frog.  That was not possible with the front hooves since they are the worst.  But time and patience and continuing to work with her will fix that.

The farrier came a couple of hours early.  He came while we were working on goat hooves and giving injections of oxytetracycline.  We have pink eye and respiratory illness going through the herd.  That's what happens when new goats are brought in a bunch at a time.  The first Monday of the month is hoof trimming day for the goats and we decided to give the first round of injections then since we just picked up the antibiotic the day before after church.  We never did get to all the goats since the farrier showed up and the donkeys pretty much wiped us out physically.  Well, that and getting stepped on, near kicked, and my hand smashed between the facial harness and the bone structure.  They are big, strong, and stubborn and will not stay still even when asked nicely.  The swelling has gone down on my hand, but there is a nice bruise in its place.  

The rest of the adults got their first round of shots today and their hooves trimmed.  The kids will get hoof trimming and injections tomorrow.  All milk that we collect from this morning through Sunday will have to be dumped and no goats can be turned into meat until September.

I have been doing a bit of canning the past couple of days and have more to do.  I have canned 20 half pints of dill pickles.  I am thinking that they don't taste very good.  They aren't bad, but they aren't dill.  I was too conservative with the vinegar and dill.  Maybe I'll just chop them up and turn them into relish as I go along.

I have seven quarts of green beans done, another seven waiting to go in, and seven pints of bread and butter pickles in the canner currently.  Plus, I have a lot more green beans waiting to go in jars.  I am quickly running out of jars.  I need more jars.  Lots and lots of jars.

I was also going to make kale soup or beans and greens or something, but I have nothing to make it with so I am just going to have to can the kale as well.  Bummer too because I was looking forward to kale soup.  Can you believe I am out of beans?  Me?  Out of dry beans?  Good gravy!  That shocked me!

Shopping List:

Today, a friend of mine stopped by.  It will be the last time I see her for a year or more.  She is moving to California with her military husband.  I am going to miss her a lot.  We met at a La Leche League meeting over four years ago.  We were pregnant at the same time and gave birth two weeks apart.  Bethany and her youngest are the same age.  She is also the one who gave me the final push for Weight Watchers.  She has listened to me gripe about anything and everything.  I have listened to her and did my best to help her with her problems.  She is a wonderful, strong, and amazing friend.  While I will not lose contact with her, I will still miss her.

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