Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fair

I still have not been able to get a link to the interview, but that's ok.  Today is the second to last day.  Tomorrow, we will be at both the fair and the DTFM.  It has been an exhausting and educational week for us.  We have learned a lot this week about set up and things we want to do differently to make things run smoother and be easier for the children rather than shuffling them around from place to place.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but we did get a beautiful nubian buckling that we named Duke.  We got him a couple of days ago and he seems to be adjusting well.  By the time he is old enough to go into rut, it will be breeding time again.

We are also eyeing another nubian doeling and a couple of boer bucklings.  The boers we can castrate and raise for meat or have one to breed with a couple of our does for future meat.  We have no real meat lined up for winter right now so the boers are a wonderful find.  We just need to get a hold of the owner and talk with him about pricing.

I am here for another hour or so until I have to leave to go home and get ready for work.  It is an early night for me in that I am only working until 10:00.  Last night, a customer yelled at me for "yelling at a little girl."  The "little girl" (his kid sister) was 12 or 13 years old.  I'm outside in the parking lot cleaning it and this kid got out of the vehicle, dropped a soda bottle on the ground, and kicked it a few times to kick it under the car parked next to them.  There was a trash can one spot over in front of them that she passed going in the place.  I see all this happening and the only thing I had said (she saw me watching) was "That's rude."  Nothing was said to me at that time.  Her brother did not get out.  I even went over and reached under the car the bottle was kicked under so I could sweep it up and throw it away.  Again, nothing was said to me.  I worked my way around the building cleaning the parking lot and when I am on the other side of the building having worked my way around picking up, sweeping, and cleaning the parking lot and emptying trash, he comes over to me and starts yelling at me asking what I think I am doing yelling at his kid sister.  Granted, this was with a whole bunch of cussing.  I simply told him that I felt it was rude to be dropping trash on the ground and making a point of kicking the trash under someone else's car.  He continued his cussing tirade and I just turned my back.  I do not get paid enough to deal with jerks like that.

Anyway, I am out of ones so I am going to try to track some down.

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Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Kim, try this:

Or, go to the WTWO TV site and click on the "features" tab, then click on "Hometown Pride Tour" and then in the list on the Vigo County Fair interview/videos, click on "Celebrate Agriculture" and it starts with Patrick Fazio and Elyese Evans,and then there you are!