Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tornado or Straight Line Winds?

Does it matter when you have part of a chimney sitting on your smashed in back deck with a destroyed picnic table that you paid good money for or another part of a chimney sitting on the broken support beams on the roof of your bedroom and you are looking at a brand new, unwanted, unneeded skylight as insulation and drywall hangs down and covers the bed, cot, night stand, and everything else in there and it is too dangerous to go in there and clean up because of said chimney overhead being held up by previously mentioned support beams that are broken/breaking?

I have been doing laundry non stop since I got home.  I am trying to clean all the clothes that got covered in insulation.  I am also having to wash some of the fabric in the basement since the rain coming through the hole went down into the basement.  I have no clue what the floor looks like underneath everything since I am hesitant to get to it right now.  I don't know if the floor will need repair/replaced or if just the carpeting will.  I know some ceiling tiles in the basement will need to be replaced.

I picked up some fly sticks since Husband is allergic to wasps and yellow jackets and with the nice, new skylight, we have been inundated with flies, wasps, and yellow jackets.   Sometimes, it is the small things that become so aggressively annoying that focusing on the other things become impossible.

The storm came through last night.  It sounded like the bedroom exploded, then the wind coming through the hole made the most awful noise.  The house shook.  I swear, we were in a tornado.  We went running down to the basement.  We hung out there for a while and while I am sure in actuality the time of the tornado (straight line winds?) was less than 15 minutes, it felt like an hour.

I called work last night and told them I was not going to be in today because of what happened.  I got no argument.

I did go to the DTFM this morning.  I stayed at my SIL's last night and pretty much spent the market time wondering what the house looked like in the light of day and what further damage the second line of storms may have caused.  A lot of people asked about Grace and Gus.  I told them about the storms and that the kids (goat kids) needed to be with their mom and with their herd.

Pictures will be posted when they get uploaded.  They will also be burned to a CD for the insurance company.

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Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Wow how awful. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this.