Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So much for a five day week-end

Which is fine.  We need the money to take care of storm damage.   I was called in last night and could have stayed until 11:00, but opted to leave around 8:30 because although we could use the money, I was needed here more to do the work that needs to be done to make this house a home.  

Yesterday, our agent sent a gentleman over to tarp The Hole.  Well, apparently he wasn't having any better luck covering it than we were with the chimney in the way.  So, he roped it and tied the rope to our truck (Husband had pulled it around back) and hit the gas.  That chimney came out of The Hole and crashed into our already demolished deck.

Tomorrow, there is a media night at the fair grounds which we have been invited to so we can get coverage about what we have and what we do.  I am a bit nervous.  We just found out about this Monday night.  While wonderful, it is also nerve-wracking.  I opened some bars of coffee soap and cut them into sample size pieces to give away as a sneak peak at next month's soap of the month.

While out today, I stopped by Health Quest and they will be selling a couple of my soaps.  Plain and Honey to start and he will sell on consignment.  I asked him while I was picking up essential oils for more soaps.  I am also pleased to discover the essential oils he carries come from Illinois.  Anyway, I picked up cinnamon, patchouli, and tea tree oil.  My next few batches of soap.  Which means updating the website again soon.  

The coffee and oatmeal came out of the molds today and need to be cut to finish drying.  I am going to pick up more oil and lye while I am out tomorrow so I can make more soaps.  I also want to pick up a tri-fold display board for the presentation tomorrow night.  And, get some pictures developed for the board.  And, and, and, and, and.  There is always something.  I constantly make myself stress out over nothing.  I just need to relax, take a breath, pray, do what I can, and let God take care of the rest.

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