Monday, June 22, 2009

5 day week-end!

Well, 5 day week off.  While we could use the money, I could also use the time off.  It is going to take time to clean up the mess.  I've done some vacuuming and Husband is doing some, but it is going to take a while and we are working around The Hole.  The Hole makes me nervous.  So far, the chimney is staying put, but how long will it last?  

The girls are with my SIL for the next couple of days so we can do this work.  It is not safe for them to be here while we are working.  They certainly can't play outside with the giant hole in the deck.  A lot of repair work needs to be done and we are stuck in a holding pattern.

I did go to the insurance company this morning and the agent is seeing what he can do to hurry things along since our situation is more than an annoying hole in the roof.  There is a genuine safety factor.

By the way, remember my goal of no drive-thru this week?  Well, that has pretty much been blown out of the water.  Getting hit by a tornado kinda trumps no drive-thru.  Maybe I should put "Avoid tornadoes" as a new weekly goal on Fridays.

I got nicely chewed out on Saturday.  My table helpers for the DTFM couldn't make it and C was running late.  M had already made other plans since it was her baby's first birthday.  And when it comes to a baby that shouldn't have even made it at birth much less be thriving at 12 months, it is something you want to celebrate.  D was not feeling well and driving would have been too dangerous.  So, I did the set ups alone.  I did have help from other vendors for the awnings, but the tables I did alone.  I was telling K about this and she said "Why didn't you call?"  I told her I thought about it and decided not to since the week-ends are her family time and I didn't want to intrude on that.  After chewing me up one side and down the other about not calling and asking for help, she made me realize that I can call friends of mine and they will come and help if they are able.  I am so used to doing everything myself and on my own that I sometimes forget that I am allowed to say "Hey, there is a crisis situation here and I need help."  How many times am I going to have to learn this lesson?


K said...

Evidently more times than I have breath. Knucklehead. :-)

Seriously though, there are times when one friend can't help but there are three willing and able, other times when all can and will help. Friends are there when you need them.

I already told you there is a difference between "my cup runneth over" and "holy crap, everything is running off my plate!!!"

This coming from an atheist. *sigh*

RT said...

Be sure to wear masks and goggles. That is some nasty stuff and neither of you need to be inhaling it. Be careful. :)