Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Update

ELECTRICITY: Gulp. I can’t say I’m surprised. This is what I was expecting last week. The dehumidifier had been running constantly. The A/C had run some this week. We are heading into A/C season and I need to remember that the A/C is a huge electricity drain. I need to go back and remember some of the things we had done to minimize the A/C usage. Now that the leak in the basement is fixed, we can use it once it finishes drying. (And the mushrooms are gone. Yes, we had mushrooms growing out of the carpet in the basement near the hot water tank.)
Meter reading: 73857
Usage: 459kwh
Average per day use: 66kwh
Percentage: 218%

IDC: Our garden is starting to grow. I even have surprise lettuce growing in with the cucumbers where the children dumped a lettuce packet.
I picked up several bags of beans for storage. I was going to pick up a 50# bag of potatoes, but I don’t have time right now to can them.

GARBAGE: I took three bags into town this week. I am sure I will have more next week. The three bags seem to be a running trend. One bag from actual household use and two bags from the cleaning of the garage.

GASOLINE: Both the truck and the van got filled this week. While diesel has gone up, it is considerably lower that regular right now. We have the filter we need now for the system. Now, we need to drain the bottom six inches and filter the rest through. Once it is filtered through, we are going to put a second hole for a hose about six inches up and run that through the filters while keeping the bottom there to use to drain anything (water, etc) straight out.

Gas – Truck: $57
Gas – Van: $50
Eating out two meals and a dessert: $136
Rural King Feed: $106
Rural King Other, Goodwill, Dollar Tree: $178

HOMESTEAD: It looks like Tama, our surprise goat is deaf. So, she will not be bred. We got six more pullet chicks at Rural King the other day and they seem to be thriving. Our grey rabbit that had the surprise litter died the other day. In trying to figure out what was different about her vs. the other rabbits, the only difference is the water. She got tap water and the others got rain water. So, it looks like even though our water is “good” in that is has no lead in it, there is enough other processing/purifying that it is not good for rabbits.

HOMESCHOOL: Not much got done this week with homeschooling. Yes, some basics got done, but not a whole lot else.

GOALS ACCOMPLISHED: I am still working on balancing my home life and my work life. A few other things did get accomplished this week. The leak in the basement is fixed. The soap bottles and dispensers arrived yesterday. More soaps got wrapped. We are playing with the set up for the Hoppes Homestead table. All in all, we have been busy.

1. Fill soap dispensers
2. Finish wrapping the soaps
3. Mow the grass
4. Clean the basement
5. Clean the garage

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