Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hot and made hotter

It is hot and humid.  And I spent several hours at the laundromat surrounded by someone with so much laundry they were using all the machines and still had triple the amount left.  They emptied the change machine and I didn't know it until I snagged the few machines I needed that they emptied and put soap in.  Thankfully, they exchanged money with me.  $10 bill for $10 worth of quarters.

I understand using a LOT of machines and having a LOT of laundry.  We've been there.  We've done that.  I felt bad for them.  The place has no air conditioning, and with the heat we've been having combined with the heat of washing machines on hot and hot dryers going, it was miserable.  There are a couple of loud industrial fans which make the environment even more miserable.  All that combined and the family interaction had the family there snipping at each other.

I was very glad to be home.  Getting out of the van and the first thing I noticed was the peaceful sounds of birds and insects.  Instead of smelling the chemicals and perfumes of laundry soap and dryer sheet combined with cigarette smoke, I am smelling horse and fresh air.  I see Hannah and she smiles, walks up to me, leans against me as we walk and tells me all that has been going on the few hours I was gone.

The first thing I felt was the air being a few degrees cooler under the canopy of the trees with the warmth of the sun peeking through.  I walked up to my husband and he put his arms around me.  He understood.  Home is the best place in the world.  And home is in my husband's arms with a child leaning up against me, another holding onto my skirt, and the third poking his head out still dealing with being sick.

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