Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

Ok, so technically I don't have a "Friday."  The past couple of days I have been busy.  Yesterday, I had an appointment cancel and it was a good thing.  There was a wreck.  SUV vs cement truck.  While we were cleaning up that wreck, there was another one and the next county over had to be called in to assist.  Once that was all done, we were debriefing and there was another medical call.  The whole day was shot in terms of doing anything myself. 

I also learned yesterday that we are going to be down First Responders for various reasons.  By my calculations, if things go as described, I will be the only trained full time First Responder.  There will be only one other trained one and he works full time.  We need more trained First Responders.

Today, I called and cancelled an appointment so I can get some stuff done.  The appointment has been rescheduled.  I found some great resources to start up a support group, met with someone from the sheriff's department to talk about Soul Haven and be able to coordinate with them on stuff, and spoke with the coalition about a couple of things.  About five minutes after I got home, I got called out on a First Responder call.

Tomorrow, I hope to do nothing but relax.  Everyone, stay healthy and don't get in a wreck.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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